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  1. Pirate theme props

    Halloween Props
    I'd suggest making a flying crank ghost rig, and just running the fishing line through the pulleys to the tentacles. That would give individual movement to at least 3 or more tentacles. Eric
  2. Michaels - 40% off all Reg Priced Items online or online pick up in Store order 5/28

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Thank you for the heads up! Eric
  3. Best How-Tos on Scaring Party Guests

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I hired a friend of mine to come running through the front door, screaming while revving a chain saw (with no blade), moving quickly through the living room and kitchen areas, then revving it again as he was going out the back door to the deck. Total elapsed time inside was about 20 seconds...
  4. I'm Not Dead!!!

    Member Introduction
    Thank you! Happy Halloween!
  5. I'm Not Dead!!!

    Member Introduction
    Thanks Frankie's Girl. I have been working at The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce, in Bristol, CT. We placed #6 in the nation in this year's USA Today Reader's poll for BEST THEME PARK HAUNTED ATTRACTION. We placed higher than both mouse related park haunts in FL & CA, and higher than...
  6. I'm Not Dead!!!

    Member Introduction
    Hello my Halloween Forum Family! I just wanted to post that I am not dead! I have been away from the site for awhile, due to the fact that work and life has gotten busy. I have also been hired by a major professional haunt here in CT , but I won't mention the name out of respect for Halloween...
  7. alien theme props

    Wanted to Buy
    You can also create your own! For example... I've made my own using inflatable body forms, Tyvek suits and cheap masks/gloves. I also made an alien autopsey chip and dip set out by laminating a number of sheets of 2" extruded foam, then carving it and top coating it with Durham's Water Putty...
  8. Zombie Party decoration ideas

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We did the Boarded windows out of foam insulation. I used mostly groundbreaker type zombies trying to get in. I also made a stack of emergency rations from empty boxes and simple labels. Eric
  9. Storage for Halloween Decor/Props

    General Halloween
    I use a combination of clear plastic totes and shelves in the basement. Shelves over the garage doors, and a custom skeleton rack made from pvc. Eric
  10. Other: What are your top 5 must have props for a Toxic Waste haunt?

    Halloween Props
    If you can get an old drum, you can create a toxic waste victim. Pose a skeleton in the drum with "Great Stuff" expanding foam as the sludge and slime. Paint it a flourescent color and illuminate it with black light. I unfortunately don't have a photo showing the black light effect. Eric
  11. RIP George Romero

    Horror Discussion
    I was so saddened to hear of his passing. I had the chance to meet George Romero at Horror Fest in CT last year. It was later in the day during a panel discussion, so there was no line. I was able to get the obligatory photo and autograph, but best of all was that we actually had a chance to...
  12. When does it sink in that Halloween is around the corner?

    General Halloween
    November 1st !!! Oh no, only 364 days left to get everything done!!! :eek:
  13. Huge fan of Halloween decorating but new to the forum...

    Member Introduction
    Welcome. This is a great group of haunters. Everyone is supportive and helpful, no matter what level of haunting you happen to be at. It is a very unique forum experience! Eric
  14. Boo to You!

    Member Introduction
    Welcome! It is great to see you here! Eric
  15. Other: Alien scene

    Halloween Props
    Thanks! :D I enjoy interjecting some levity into scenes. Eric
  16. Other: Alien scene

    Halloween Props
    I did an interrupted alien autopsy scene as part of our Boo Bash back in 2012. The aliens are inflatable body forms with tyvek painter jumpsuits and cheap masks with gloves from Oriental Trading. The alien on the slab is carved from laminated foam insulation coated with Durham's water Putty...
  17. Static: Any ideas for my leftover materials?

    Halloween Props
    If you love Ghostbusters, you can make a "Ghost Containment Unit" out of scrap wood. I made mine with scraps, including pvc pipe for the handle on the right and the latch in the center. I did buy upholstery nails to use as "rivets." This was an inexpensive prop due to the scrap wood and...
  18. Camp crystal lake theme help!! Ideas needed

    Halloween Props
    That is a great idea. For the movement, a simple way would be adding a shiatsu massager with a couple of pvc pipe extensions to provide the movement and squirming action. Eric
  19. Raven's Grin Inn � Mt Carroll, IL

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Happy belated birthday Jim! Eric
  20. The 80s Halloween/Horror

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Don't forget Ghostbusters! This is my home-made ghost containment unit and of course the Stay Puft Marshmallow Guy! Eric
1-20 of 485 Results