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  1. I'm Back !!

    Member Introduction
    Herman is back !! Yes, it's been a while since I have been on the forum, work and general life have been busy and had some health issues that prevented my participation in many of my Halloween activities, but I am now ready to renew my participation in the forum. Looking for ideas for my...
  2. Grocery Outlet Has a $25 Skellie! Great news for West Coast Haunters :)

    General Halloween
    Last week I was on a two day vacation to the Oregon Coast , stopped by Grocery Outlet store and saw a $25 Skellie! Quality wasn't as great as the $30 Wally or the Pose and Stay, but for $25 far outdoes the blow mold Skellies that are selling for $28. Oh btw, these skellies have color changing...
  3. Other Easy Witches Cabinet Jars

    Halloween Crafts
    Not been on the forum for some time, so it's nice to be back amongst you and ready to share ideas Came up with this idea a few weeks back, wanting to add to my witches cabinet, and was stuck for ideas for the jar contents, then this idea came to me while shopping :) Buy cheap herbs and spices...
  4. Pipe insulation chains

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    It may well have been this site that you saw this, here is a link to my original post on this technique http://www.halloweenforum.com/tutorials-step-step/80035-easy-chain-pipe-insulation.html
  5. Some advice for Prop Builders to go with the measure twice cut one rule

    General Halloween
    umm ... must have done my sig around the same time as the original tombstone ... thanks for the heads up !
  6. Some advice for Prop Builders to go with the measure twice cut one rule

    General Halloween
    I thought I would start off a thread for general advice for all haunters - having learned a couple of lessons the hard way We all know the "Measure Twice, Cut once" rule So here is my first contribution to add to the hard and fast rules when building props Check spellings ! I have seen a...
  7. Prop Showcase: Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    This is totally awesome and inspiring ! Has to be one of best tombstones ever showcased here. Maybe I can finally find a use for all the scraps I have lying around !! Thanks a million for sharing
  8. halloween chandelier

    Here is a link to my 6 candle chandelier tutorial http://home.comcast.net/~uk_teejay/tutorials/chandelier/chandelier.htm
  9. Gonna be in the local paper - again

    General Halloween
    Here's the link to the online article http://www.statesmanjournal.com/article/20111028/LIFE/110280315/Playlist-Mize-Cemetery-homemade-haunt?odyssey=tab|topnews|img|Entertainment
  10. Gonna be in the local paper - again

    General Halloween
    Last year the local paper did an article on our haunt. Have just arranged a date for them to come and take pics of this years haunt for a photo journal article that they want to run :) Will post more details as they happen ;)
  11. offical discussion thread for secret reaper 2011

    General Halloween
    So, after opening my package, inside I found the unfortunate victims of the USPS carrier :( My package consisted of 3 glass votive holders (2 broken) :( 3 Candles (2 broken - at first I thought 2 of them was still intact but not so) :( 2 Skull candles (received OK) :) 1 Taper candle holder...
  12. Easy make Gibbet - Part 2

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Thank you my friend, I have to admit that you were the inspiration behind this project with your how to, so thank you for that :)
  13. offical discussion thread for secret reaper 2011

    General Halloween
    Just had USPS knock on the door ... I'VE BEEN REAPED !!!!! Going to wait until my wife gets home before opening the package but I did open the card that was attached to the outside... Thank you to my secret reaper whoever you are ... I don't know who you are (yet) but I know where you live...
  14. Easy make Gibbet - Part 2

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    https://www.halloweenforum.com/threads/easy-make-gibbet-part-1.109308/ Continuation of the Gibbet cage... 1. To form the top, The longest strips are overlapped by two holes each, Secure the center hole to hold all 4 strips in place, then secure the last holes using the nuts and bolts. 2...
  15. Easy make Gibbet - part 1

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This how to is for a Gibbet made from Plastic Plumbers Tape and is probably one of my easier builds. This requires little or no prop making skills or tools. As the tape has holes along the entire length, measurements are done by the number of holes and not by inches or centimeters. The...
  16. Static: Need help with static figures!

    Halloween Props
    I have a tutorial for a quick and easy mannequin frame. Although it is not full mannequin frame (ie, only have a central support frame) there may be other parts of the tut you can use (making the torso and the posable hands) It can be found under the tutorials section of my website
  17. Static: need your input on a static prop

    Halloween Props
    So, finally finished this prop, thanks for all the ideas, I think it turned out OK :)
  18. Heads up for anyone wanting the Walgreens Skeleton

    General Halloween
    to para-quote the A Team "I love it when a plan comes together" - Thanks for posting the coupon code ollieee :D
  19. So excited! I'm going to do another Halloween pin-up/old-hollywood-style photoshoot!

    General Halloween
    You have to 'hand' it to that skelly for that pose :D
1-20 of 434 Results