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  1. Static: Bone Panels for Ossuary

    Halloween Props
    Thank u rmayer121! We use SmoothOn Foam-It 5 two part rigid foam!!
  2. Static: Infinity Mirror Illusion Rutherford Manor Haunt

    Halloween Props
    We are changing a lot of our haunt this season, much of it will be Victorian era, I mean the poor London style, filthy, stinky and decrepit! We did a mock up of an infinity mirror we intend to use as distraction before our Pub entrance!
  3. Static: Bone Panels for Ossuary

    Halloween Props
    We are adding an Ossuary to Rutherford Manor Haunt this season! We cast all the bones and skulls using 2 part rigid foam. We purchased the skull moulds are from Nightmare Makers, we have 4 of their skull moulds and just love the quality!! We made our own silicon moulds for the various bones!!
  4. Help me with playlist.

    Halloween Music
    Link Rey Fire and Brimstone, I added that one to my playlist for this season. Also try Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) kids would like this one I think?
  5. Edmonton Creepy Con, A Horror Con fused with Sci fi and Supernatural Oct 13- 15 2017

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Wow I will check this out!!!
  6. Faun Mask Pan's Labyrinth

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Here are a couple of shots from a recent competition!!
  7. Other Craft of the month anyone??

    Halloween Crafts
    I worked with the same craft foam to make Faun's head, and breast plate. They turned out pretty well. My next project is this insanity mask, it's for a new haunt character we are adding this year....I will use craft foam and thin card board as base, and Hearty clay to build up the face.
  8. Static: scarecrow prop head decistion

    Halloween Props
    It's a great mask as is, glass eyes and maggots would also look pretty cool. I feel it should be a static prop, the mask is so well done people need the opportunity to view it.
  9. Faun Mask Pan's Labyrinth

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Thanks punkineater, we had so much fun! Yeah dat boy is pretty funny!! Cracks me up often!!! :D
  10. Faun Mask Pan's Labyrinth

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Here are a couple of more pics, the breast plate is done, I added more hair and braid to Faun mask. Last step are the hoof boot covers...almost done!!
  11. Other: First garage haunt... Any tips?

    Halloween Props
    There are so many things you can do to make your garage feel like an entirely new location. Our home walk thru haunt is pretty elaborate and begins in our 2 car garage. If you can afford it I would recommend fabric panels, you can find great tutorial here on Terra's Lair. Remember to create...
  12. Faun Mask Pan's Labyrinth

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Thanks UnOrthodOx!! Here is a pic, the wrap is Active Wire Mesh.
  13. Faun Mask Pan's Labyrinth

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I was commissioned to build a Faun costume for a local dance company's main theatrical dance Production this year. Here it is about 95% complete, I will add more hair and moss just before competition season starts. I have a breast plate and hoof boot covers nearly complete as well. I will...
  14. Static: Char-Lee

    Halloween Props
    Nice job on the corpsing, he looks very charred indeed!
  15. Halloween 2016 Video!

    General Halloween
    Wow so many cool props! When/if you ever move chose to move to a house the kids will be in for a treat!
  16. Static: Ina - The Tooth Fairy

    Halloween Props
    Super creepy well done, any low light photos??!!
  17. Indoor & Outdoor Decoration Pics 2016

    General Halloween
    Here are a few photos of our yard display from the 2016 season!! We moved our cemetery to the back yard, and added the silhouettes to the front. The silhouettes were inspired by Darkrose Manor!!
  18. Deaded Halloween 2016

    General Halloween
    Love the lighting and the lab looks great! Nice job!
  19. Static: Tape Ghost Successor for 2017!

    Halloween Props
    Wow she's beautiful, nice work lilibat! So creative!
  20. Other: Creating an alchemist\ wizard shop scene

    Halloween Props
    Try writing formulas on a chalk board wall, fill lots of jars with glowing fluid. I made an faux antique field surgeon's kit something like that could work. Put out some old syringes, and test tubes! Also scatter lots of books and papers all over. I also printed images of antique lobotomy...
1-20 of 490 Results