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  1. Yikes!!! Only 3 months left until Halloween!....

    General Halloween
    Carefull with the liquid nail.......It melted some of my styrofoam
  2. Static: free bird

    Halloween Props
    I love it......I have a black Iron birdacage I brought home from Mexico years ago. Its all rusty in the garden.... Cant wait to get busy on it.
  3. Prop Showcase: New tombstone for 2011!

    Halloween Props
    WOW... Those are great. Did you melt down the design with a hot knife or did you use acetone. Also, would you mind if I copied your Will knott & May B. Knott? I found a huge chunk of styrofoam on the side of the highway... would be perfect for that.
  4. Static: How do you make your tombstones stay up?

    Halloween Props
    I also use rebar, however, for my older worn out "cheap'os" I used flat wooden stake's glued to the back and tried to paint to match. I would show some pic's but my computer is not uplaoding for some reason.
  5. Static: How do I make this fountain work?

    Halloween Props
    If you have a Harbor freight store, they have small pump's very cheap. Also, if you are only using it for Halloween, you could use red foor coloring. Clorox bleach may clean up any stains if you wanted it for other season's.
  6. Fog: Fogger Repair - Need help

    Halloween Props
    I have had bad luck with fogger's these last 2 years My best, and first, fogger I purchased at Costco several years ago. We used it for 4 or 5 seasons. Ever since... I have gone thru a fogger a season. What am I doing wrong? or is this usual? last year added the bubble fogger to a cauldron...
  7. Skeletal Fountain

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    That is so cool. I want to make this but am wondering what it would look like as a actual water fountain. I am thinking.. water spilling out of the top or perhaps drill some small holes a few inches down from upper rim. maybe have "blood". I am new to this and excited to get started so thanks to...
1-7 of 7 Results