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  1. Egyptian theme

    General Halloween
    Agreed. My mask came in yesterday and you could have easily fit in two masks. There are certain suppliers that I just don't order from due to their exorbitant shipping rates. They certainly seem to have factored shipping into their profit line not pass-through expenses.
  2. Egyptian theme

    General Halloween
    Very well done! Thanks for the reply, your sarcophagus kicks butt!
  3. It's 2015, why do people still believe in ghosts?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Simple Math Question: 1. Based on the common stories, people die and then (sometimes) an appearance or "haunting" occurs with a ghost. 2. These ghosts had lives they lived and are able see or interact with living people despite not having a body. 3. Sometimes living people are able to see...
  4. What To Think Of THIS?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Thank you for sharing. It sounds like she wanted to see an old friend to make things right before moving on. Actually, to have something like this occur should not be too surprising. It's totally normal and expected. What should be shocking is that most people should don't see this. Or that...
  5. Egyptian theme

    General Halloween
    Nice sarcophagus! Did you make it?
  6. Waterproof flexible vines for cheap

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Great Idea! Thanks for the post.
  7. Mask makers.

    General Halloween
    Have you checked Home Depot for UltraCal 30?
  8. Static: catvamp from midnight studios

    Halloween Props
    I would go with the costume/pvc frame idea. It's a great suggestion where you can have the best of both worlds and save on shipping too! As for the gender, maybe it transforms from one gender to the other as well? I'm not sure which way, but I'll leave the IQ referenced jokes to yourselves.
  9. Selling My Frighprops Gear and other items

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    What a deal! Sorry about you not being able to put on your haunt. I'm sure your gear went to a happy home (haunt)!
  10. Photo ops

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Great ideas!
  11. Creating A Wearable Werewolf

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Looking forward to updates...
  12. Mechanical: Giant Mutant Window-Busting Animated Rat Prop

    Halloween Props
    Cool! Looks like a fun build. Thanks for sharing!
  13. What are you reading?

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Vostok by Steve Alten. A self-proclaimed "Trojan Horse fiction" work that appears to expose government control of UFO technologies. Very good read and very interesting expose' so to speak. Dr. Steven Greer was a big contributor to the book and it does name names, in an alleged fictional basis...
  14. It's 2015, why do people still believe in ghosts?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Very interesting. Here is a quote from one of my earlier posts on this thread ... Have you ever seen a dog start barking or howling for no apparent reason only to finally hear a siren a few minutes later? So does this mean that the dog is crazy or do dogs have a higher range of hearing than...
  15. It's 2015, why do people still believe in ghosts?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Perhaps you can discount your own anecdotal experiences but how can discount what others have seen and felt? Clearly, you are entitled to your own point of view -based on your experience. So in that sense you can not be wrong. But it does not mean that others can not be right either. If a...
  16. Today's location Returned a memory.

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Gym, that is interesting. In my experience the brain has very little to do with it. I know that something in regards to memory and identification survives body death, so how could the brain or any other chunk of meat have anything to do with it? If the ability to perceive a communication is...
  17. Today's location Returned a memory.

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Cool story thanks for sharing. I don't think that the two situations were connected, it was probably a coincidence of timing. Perceptions and communications travel at near instant speeds on a spiritual level. You most likely perceived the intention of the sender while he was leaving you the...
  18. Prop Showcase: My haunt this year, we got 2 Trick or treaters :(

    Halloween Props
    You did a great job. Keep on building and propping! Maybe you just need to get the word out a little better. Try the "Next Door" app or maybe even some flyers to pass around the neighborhood to let the folks know.
  19. 2015 Halloween INFESTATION

    General Halloween
    Well done. It's nice of you to show the hard work that goes into the grunt work of putting it away.
1-20 of 185 Results