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  1. Pic of my couples costume idea this year

    Halloween Costume Ideas
  2. Mechanical: Tug of War

    Halloween Props
    Outstanding- great job!
  3. Mire Man - Village Mire

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    really nice- looking forward to seeing what you do next
  4. Static: "Infestation" Giant Mutant Mantis Prop Build - Part 2

    Halloween Props
    Like the theme and love the mantis. Thanks for sharing this awesome prop.
  5. Mechanical: New Gemmy Talking Skull Board

    Halloween Props
    Count me in- I have a couple of talking skulls I picked up at a drugstore and would love to customize them. Have wanted an easy solution and this sounds perfect- right up my alley.
  6. Wood Grain Tool - FAIL!

    Halloween Props
    I always wondered if those wood grain tools really worked- I guess you'd really have to press that sucker down to get the middle part to contact the foam. Looks like you were doing that though- think you got a defective tool?
  7. Prop Audio Hack???

    There is an instructable for hacking a drugstore talking skull. Sorry, can't provide the link right now.
  8. Static: Just started the last halloween prop for this year

    Halloween Props
    love it- wish I had a Costco near me so I could get a few at $5- looking forward to your corpsing pics
  9. Mannequins?

    Wanted to Buy
    I just found a basic plastic mannequin for $59 and flat rate shipping of $37.25 at amt-mannequins.com. I think I'll be getting one or two
  10. Static: Scary Mailbox?

    Halloween Props
    don't have time to include pics but I've seen stand-alone mailboxes (at the curb) with a monster hand and arm holding them up, mailboxes in the shape of a coffin, lots of other decorations glued to or around the mailbox- If you do a pinterest search for scary or haunted mailboxes it should yield...
  11. Mechanical: I got the new talking skull from Frightprops

    Halloween Props
    Thanks- I want to use it in a slightly quieter setting as a greeter in a haunted Victorian parlor with maybe a track of whispering in the background- once they pass thru a "gateway" (for lack of a better term,) they will hear more ghost-like moaning and shrieks, but the parlor will be dark and...
  12. Mechanical: I got the new talking skull from Frightprops

    Halloween Props
    I really want a talking skull but is there any way to eliminate that annoying squeak from the servo that moves the jaw? It is very distracting to me.
  13. Static: Circus tent feel (indoors)

    Halloween Props
    Oriental trading has striped tablecloth plastic rolls and some other carnival themed items. (popcorn boxes, etc) For your "tent entrance" you could build a frame with 1x3 lumber (braced at the top corners and with braces at the bottom to keep it upright and drape that with either the striped...
  14. Getting screwed for 2015

    General Halloween
    Sounds like the former partner wants to make money off your designs....
  15. Other: Plastimake! Have you ghouls seen this stuff?

    Halloween Props
    looks like just the thing to make custom teeth that won't crack or break-thanks for posting these products and their trade names.
  16. Prop Showcase: The Scariest thing I saw this Halloween.

    Halloween Props
    Isn't that what's called survival of the fittest?? Whew!... glad he made it across the street. Not to change the subject, but I looked at a few of you other vids- nice set-up and good scares.
  17. Static: Twisty the Clown visited my house

    Halloween Props
    Yes,Yes,YES... the eyes sold it to me too. That would scare me in full daylight, let alone at night. Did you use glass taxidermy eyes or make them?
  18. DiResta Coffin Build

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Nice coffin build- like the bumped up top and welded handles- I think I'll stick with a more basic coffin when I get to my own build- I don't have all those fancy tools at my disposal....
  19. How I made my Grim Reaper.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Great job- I wish I could find dark gray sheets in the trash- or even at the recycle store or salvation army. I like that you filled out the arms and legs a bit. I've watched tots grope my props to see if they feel "real". When they touch a leg and think it is a real leg they get away fast!
  20. Lighting: Did I buy the wrong variety of Gila Mirror privacy film for Endless Hallway effect?

    Halloween Props
    Mike- the privacy film you got from Gila is the only mirror privacy film they sell- I used it too on a 2-way mirror prop with a decapitated head behind. I just made sure to have no light coming from behind the glass until my guests were close and then had a helper turn on a strobe that was...
1-20 of 144 Results