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  1. Halloween or Autumn Podcasts?

    Halloween Music
    I just learned that Aaron Mahnke, the host of Lore, has a new podcast out through "How Stuff Works." The entire first season is about The Salem Witch Trials. If you go to whichever app that you use to download podcasts, and search for "Aaron Mahnkle" and "How Stuff Works," you should be able to...
  2. What is this strange obsession?!

    Member Introduction
    Awesome scare room!
  3. Need ideas for food to hand out at trick or treat

    General Halloween
    You could make small pepperoni rolls to pass out. Or else those little cornbread muffins that have pepperoni in them.
  4. Halloween or Autumn Podcasts?

    Halloween Music
    I put together a list of 13 Haunted History Podcasts that I really enjoy. The link is in my signature.
  5. What did you find/buy today?

    General Halloween
    The Dollar Store has sugar skulls.
  6. Rough Night

    Haunted Humor
    One of my co-workers carved a pumpkin just like that for an office contest.
  7. Working at Spirit Halloween?

    General Halloween
    My younger sister worked for a Spirit Halloween in Boulder, Colorado in 2000. So, I know, it was a long time ago. She had a pretty positive experience, though. She had just graduated from high school. She was still trying to firm up her college plans, so she didn't go to college the autumn...
  8. "Halloween" songs?

    Halloween Music
    "Ghost of a Texas Ladies' Man" is based on the songwriter's own real-life stay at the Driskill Hotel in Austin. The hotel is reportedly haunted by Mr. Driskill himself, the original owner.
  9. Haunted Houses in Northern VA

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Which haunted houses have you already visited in Northern VA? What did you think of them? I ask, because my sister recently moved to VA.
  10. Hello!

    Member Introduction
    I am a blogger. I love history, haunted history, and Halloween. I live in Pennsylvania.
1-10 of 10 Results