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  1. Prop of the Year (2018)

    General Halloween
    It’s not terribly large or showy, but I quite like Grandin Road’s Haunted Typewriter.
  2. A wish from me to all the other wonderful Halloween nuts out there!

    General Halloween
    Happy Halloween, a little early. Every year, I throw many hours into creating one big Halloween post, mostly consisting of links to a gazillion Halloween-related sites. There's info on the history & traditions of Halloween, crafty sites, recipe sites, ghostly literature, ghostly art, Halloween...
  3. Looking for "Walls Keep Talking" video

    Halloween Music
    The YouTube user who had the wonderful old Haunted House video of the song "The Walls Keep Talking" has taken it down. Has anybody seen it elsewhere? You can still find the Gene Kruppa version, but I really want the "story" video. Thanks!
  4. Happy Halloween (a little early) from the Twin Cities!

    Member Introduction
    New member, just saying hullo! Hope everyone has plans for a spirited holiday! -Karen, aka TheMadBlonde
1-4 of 4 Results