Best How-Tos on Scaring Party Guests
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    We've been hosting adult-only Halloween parties for years and have not been able to get in enough scares! We are looking to up our game this year to the max!!! We do a good job putting guests on edge with creepy lighting, sounds, and decor; sometime even paying a few people to help us with the scares. Since we've been doing these parties for so many years, we are looking to change things up and like I said, really max out the freaky scare factor. What are your best scare tactics to keep things jumping? We were thinking of a scare for each room and possibly trading out among different rooms to keep everyone on their toes...such as having the person at the main entrance move his/her scare to another area of the party every other hour or whatever makes sense depending on the scare.

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    I hired a friend of mine to come running through the front door, screaming while revving a chain saw (with no blade), moving quickly through the living room and kitchen areas, then revving it again as he was going out the back door to the deck. Total elapsed time inside was about 20 seconds. He did the revving at the front door and as he exited, not inside the house, to minimize any carbon monoxide and exhaust gasses in the house. That got some great screams. It still took about 15 minutes with the doors open to get the exhaust smell out, but was well worth the effort, especially since chainsaws had absolutely nothing to do with our theme that year.
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    We had some friends dress as the dollface/masks of Strangers and of course Michael; had them walk around and stop-n-stare at people not speaking a word. Freaks people out!

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    Last year, I put a lunging snake prop on the counter next to the soap by the bathroom sink. Scared the CRUD out of people all night long. I was so happy!
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