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    I'll add but it has already been said by other's:

    Facebook event page is the way to go. You can invite people via e-mail from there even if they aren't on Facebook. And in the weeks/days leading up, you can post pics of things that you are working on, invite them to bring favorite music, instruct on where to park etc.

    If you really want to grow this, it takes time. We had our first party in '92, and maybe missed only 4-5 years since then. Last Friday night we had 57 I think. 1) set your expectations when you start out very low. Even if it just you and y our SO an one or two other "fun couples" figure out how to just make it fun. And 2) you have to "cultivate" your guest list over the years. Mix social circles, family, work, hobby's, church, whatever. Find the fun people who can have fun at a party even if they don't know hardly anyone there. Drop people off the invite list if they don't respond, or even if they come but don't seem to enjoy themselves. Over the years it will snowball. We have such a great group, they start asking me "are you having a party this year????" in Feb and March. If they come and have a blast, and like/love Halloween, they WILL come back the next year.

    Good luck, don't lose faith...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blades006 View Post
    The tricky part for us is trying to top the last party so that nobody gets bored of stuff they saw last year. We just had our party on Saturday and we were very pleased with everybody's reactions which means we'll likely get an even bigger crowd next time around.

    We also avoid themed parties. It's hard enough to get some people to wear a costume as it is, there's no need to force it down their throats :P
    That's been one of the things we've struggled with: how to keep people from getting bored. We've tried games, but most people don't seem all that interested in them. We have free drinks and food (including alcohol, water, soda). We even have disco lights and music outside on the patio/backyard for that party atmosphere. Everyone says it's a great party, but it's over in 3 hours. Which, I suppose, isn't all that bad, but trying to visit with everyone in that amount of time is difficult when you're also trying to keep up with hosting duties (cleaning spills, checking garbage cans, refilling drink coolers and ice, etc.).

    We've considered adding a theme to the party and making it voluntary to dress in that theme. We've polled our guests and some are in favor and some aren't, which seems to be the typical response.

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    Your doing nothing wrong! Some people are into Halloween, some, not so much. People change, things change too. When I was in my 20s I'd have over 50 people show up to a last minute Halloween party of mine. Now, I'm 30, I plan a month in advance, and I got a dozen, maybe two dozen attendees. But the ones who do show up are close to me and they all love Halloween, so it works out great. Remember, the quality of party guests, as opposed to the quantity, is what matters most! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

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    Sorry you had such a small crowd. When I had my party in 2015, I sent out 50 hand designed and delivered invites three weeks out thinking I would get 20 at party. I got 50 along with several bottles of wine and some party food! -- SRO as I definitely didn't have enough seating in my condo! I have found that really nice invites mailed or delivered indicate it is a serious party not just a "get together." I provided all the food and drinks but did not require costumes and did the Winking Game.

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    What is the winking game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutumnHalloween View Post
    What is the winking game?
    I'm a Halloween Bride! 10/31/2002

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    my two cents for the necro-thread:

    i'm not sure there's a good answer here. i've had parties with really good crowds and parties with really low turnout as well. when you put so much work in, low turnout is a bummer. a possible suggestion is modifying your party to cater to the size of the crowd--doing things with 9 that you might not do with 30--but this assumes you know for sure what the expected turnout will be far enough in advance to plan your party accordingly.

    sometimes people will tell you reasons they weren't able to make it, and if so you can take some tips from that as to how to adjust in the future, but unfortunately sometimes it's just a washout.

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    I read a lot here regarding seating. In my opinion seating for all makes for a boring party. I use stand-up high tops, rented from the party store. No need for seating and truly allows the attendees to mingle easier.

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    I have hosted parties for years and have learned a few things...

    Make costumes optional. I know, I know, WHERE'S THE FUN IN THAT?!!! The first thing people ask when invited is "Do I have to dress up?" I always tell them I'd rather have them there without a costume than not at all. And nine times out of ten, they end up wearing one anyway!

    For years I tried to tell people ADULTS ONLY, but every year someone ends up bringing their kids anyway because they couldn't get a sitter. Needless to say, I stopped trying a few years ago.

    The words "FIRST KEG FREE" always boosts the numbers.

    Try starting the party a little earlier. We start ours at six in the evening and you'd be surprised at how many arrive at this time.

    Last but not least, GREAT MUSIC IS ESSENTIAL! In the past, I had a playlist set up with lots of great dance tunes...people like to dance! Now we have my brother's band play, which brings not only their fans, but their friends and family.

    Hope this helps. Good luck this year!
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    Attendance for our parties grows each year but a good rule of thumb (for us) has been just over half of those invited actually attend. Some reasons people don't attend is child-related, our parties are adult only; some have other events or HW parties themselves or family members. As others have mentioned, the numbers will get better.

    We put a ton of effort into our parties and provide food, a keg, a signature alcohol drink, escape room, games, photo opps, music, and loads of decor!

    Like PSULarryO said..... don’t stress about it....have a blast. Adjust your party to the number of guests you can count on showing up!

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