Your paranormal stories.
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    Default Your paranormal stories.

    Hey guys

    My name is grego-fett (vincent IRL).
    I've been a member of this forum for a while.
    I'm also the host of the Supernatural Existence podcast.

    I was wondering if any of you have any personal paranormal stories that you would be willing to share with me . The stories that you share with me will be featured on the podcast. The stories can Ghost, ufo, bigfoot any thing paranormal related they just have to be true.

    You can send them to [email protected] or submit them to the website

    Also check out Supernatural Existence Facebookpage just search for supernaturalexistence.

    Thank for your attention and help.

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    Crazy sound heard tonight. No one was walking yet you could hear walking. :O
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    I have experienced some paranormal activity in my life. My family is one of those families that believes that spirits are able to come and visit us. I am a huge believer myself. There are 2 experiences I would like to share!

    The first experience happened when I was a little younger, not much longer after my little sister was born. You see, my little sister was born not long before my grandfather passed away. This experience occured just a month or 2 after he had passed away. My little sister was playing out in our living room and my twin sister and I couldnt help but notice that she was looking out the glass door that led to the backyard and she was talking as if she was having a conversation with someone. We couldnt see anyone so my twin asked "Hi Lila, who are you talking to??" She simply said "an old man." we looked at eachother and asked again "I said an old man!" We eventually asked her to desciribe him and she told us some characteristics he had such as gray hair and glasses. We finally came to the conclusion that she was in fact talking to our grandfather.

    My second and last story is in fact one that i still remember to this day. It was a time where I was fighting mild depression and there were nights where I would cry for no reason and they would overall be very tough for me. This is one of those nights. I was very upset and I went to bed very upset as well. I had made my bed before going to sleep and i didnt have anything on it previous to doing that. I was sleeping until i felt a very small object touch my feet. It was about 3 in the morning and very dark so i just placed that item on my dresser to see it in the morning. When I woke up i went to my dresser and there was a red heart charm sitting there. I have never seen it before so I found it very strange that it was on my bed. I went around my whole house and asked ever single person if they had placed it on my bed that previous night; They all have said no. I went to my mom and she had said no as well. I had told her the story of how I found it and she had told me that it was a spirit that had left it there. They watched over me as I was going through that and left it there to let me know that they were watching over me. I never came to figure out what spirit it was exactly, but after that happened, my nights became easier and fighting depression became easier as well. I still have the charm to this day on a charm bracelet and whenever i have a bad night, i look at the charm and always remember that there is someone on the other side, watching over me.

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    I want to email the stories i just shared to this forum! Where are your podcasts posted at???

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    Thank you Wickedactor14 for your stories.

    You can download the podcast from iTunes, sticher and pretty much any podcast aggregator. You can also get to it from

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    I would love to add this story but I believe it's a little to scary for the average listener.

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    I was one night sitting in my room and this dark black mass walked in my room. I knew it was not car headlights. Cause my windows are on my side of my house. Plus i only saw it once. Creepy but i still remember it. I was really young too.
    " I always wanted an Evil Dog as a pet. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grego-Fett View Post

    I would love to add this story but I believe it's a little to scary for the average listener.
    Its all true events that happened.
    " I always wanted an Evil Dog as a pet. "

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    I could have sworn I posted this story somewhere on here, but I was in a hurry so maybe didn't hit post but here goes again. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I clean for this elderly gentleman and his wife passed away about 6 months ago from Alzheimers disease and her ashes are on the mantel. So when I get there we usually chat for a bit then I go to my cleaning. I was stating how bright and sunny the living room is, He replied yes it is and that he hardly spends any time anymore in the basement where his art studio is. I commented well why dont we bring your table up here and you can make this your art studio. He said no that everywhere they had lived, the house was mostly devoted to his art work and that she always wanted a room for herself. I said but I bet if it made you happy that she would probably be ok with it. No, he said, she designed this room and I really wouldn't want to take that away from her. So.... I go about my cleaning and i'm mopping the floor around his chair in that room when I hear 5 or 6 VERY loud raps on the glass sliding door behind me. I jump and turn to expect him standing outside on the deck maybe saying " hey, let me in, I have locked myself out" one there...I call to him if he is the one who knocked and he said no. I looked all over the house, out every window. No one there.

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    I have one, sorry if it takes too long. I've been refraining from telling anyone until now.
    Philadelphia is where I was born, and raised. In a park is where I spent most of my time. Sitting back, thinking I was cool, maybe even shooting some hoops. A couple of men started doing illegal activities around my neighborhood. I had one small altercation with them, but my aunt still got scared. She told me I had to move in with my parents to Oregon. I was very distressed about this news, I begged, I pleaded, but nothing could sway her. After she packed all my things she gave me my ticket. I put in my IPod and thought I should just relax. I was in first class, and they were so pretentious they offered me orange juice from a champaign glass. It was thinking if this was what life in Oregon was like, then this shouldn't be so bad. I heard they're a bunch of mountain men, stuck up and PC. And we're they really going to send me here? I stepped off the plane only to see a police officer standing there. So naturally I went the other way. I was able to get a cab, there was a tree air freshener and the licenses plate said "1IQ HG" Then I told the driver my address. When I arrived at my new home I said goodbye to the driver. I looked back at the driver, but the whole car wasn't there. No Tracks, no sounds, nothing. I looked at my watch, it was 7, I got off the plane at 3, and the car ride took me 15 minutes. I have no idea where the extra time went, my watch wasn't wrong. This experience is called "the fresh prince" or at least that's what my friends said. Ever since then I've been hearing sounds all through my house and wherever I stay.
    Please share my story on the podcast, I need to know if people had similar experiences

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