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    Quote Originally Posted by jackolantern45 View Post
    Wow. moonwitchykitty, how scary! I wonder if these were very dark elemental spirits? I hope they don't come back!
    I have no clue so far, they haven't done anything but let their presence known, and scratch the wood where the big one was sitting. I'm terrified of them. I know they were sent. It's not something that is natrual. I wish we had more trees where we live. I'm a green witch and draw from nature. Every encounter I have with them is very draining, and I have to recharge. Best place for that is in the woods. I haven't had an encounter since the last time. When I got angry, smudged the whole house, and told them to go back from where they came from.
    Come in peace or leave in pieces Happy Haunting
    )0( Moonwitchkitty

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    We rented a house for a week in Dennisport,Ma. (Cape cod) . The first night there we were woken up by the sound of kitchen cabinet doors and drawers opening and closing . Also cookware rattling. I went to see who was in the kitchen at 1:00 am . Just as I got to the kitchen the noises stopped. Looked around the kitchen ,nothing out of place. Went back to bed. Just as I was falling asleep the noise started again. Got up ,walked to the kitchen noises stopped just as I got to doorway.This went on the whole week of our vacation. Nothing was out of place in the kitchen .It sounded like some one was in there cooking up a storm.

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    How creepy. Thanks for sharing your story, Opus.

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