How many plastic surgeries has Elvira done?
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    Default How many plastic surgeries has Elvira done?

    How many plastic surgeries has Elvira done?
    Guys we all know and love Elvira. Not to mention its one of the most sought after costumes of all time.

    I'm just curios to know, how many plastic surgeries has this lady done if any?

    She looks absolutely radiant for her age (Cassandra Peterson) and I believe she has a grown up son too.

    Just can't believe it.

    Some people's genetics are just incredible.

    Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.37.28 AM.png

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    She's nearly 70, she's had something done even if it's just fillers or her boobs. Either way, she has good docs or good genes, she still looks fab.
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    Not sure about her plastic surgeries, but she is 67 years old, born in 1951. She looks great!! Perhaps it's her vegetarian diet.

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    Yeah must be the vegan connection / awesome genetics. Love her! What a legend

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