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    As background, I have purchased several masks from Trick or Treat Studios. I didn't have any problems with the transactions, and the masks arrived in good shape. I posted reviews of each mask on their website, in which I went into some detail. My 4- and 5-star reviews were approved, and they appear on the respective masks' pages.

    However, one of my masks had a quality control issue. The paint job was incomplete on part of the face, and I had to touch up the paint myself. Because of the problem with the paint job, I left a 3-star review for this particular mask. I stated that while the mask itself was fine, my particular copy had this quality control issue. My review was not approved by the moderators, and was deleted from my account.

    Looking around the site, I have not found any reviews posted that are less than 4-star. It appears that they don't allow lower-rating reviews on their website. Now, I don't typically have problems with Trick or Treat Studios products, I just happened to get a bad copy once. The problem I have is that they don't seem to allow any reviews that describe a negative experience. Now I could be wrong, there could be some other reason that they deleted my review, but it looks like they just don't allow negative reviews at all.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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    That is really disappointing to hear. They had the ability to reach out to you and make things right ,and instead they remove the post completely. Have you contacted them directly over the issue with the mask and also asked about why your review on their site was removed? I would be interested to see what they say for both inquiries.

    I am going to move this thread into our "reviews" section, but I do hope others post if they have experience with this company - good or bad - is always helpful.
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    unless there's a very good explanation, that would be the last dime they got from me.

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    Ok, so I tried contacted them directly about why the review was removed, and I have yet to get a response of any sort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadSideshow View Post
    Ok, so I tried contacted them directly about why the review was removed, and I have yet to get a response of any sort.
    Product Reviews usually only exist on a site in order to convince you to buy something, not to give you an accurate measure of the quality of a product, or the supplier. Any smart retailer is only going to show you the positive reviews, if they can get away with it. Amazon can't but most other sites can.

    Take a look at spirit Halloween's animatronics ( Most of them are rated 4-5 stars. Do you really believe the giant pieces of overpriced crap they sell there actually getting such positive reviews. I think not, so obviously they are cherry picking reviews.

    I left a bad review for a pedestal mailbox on Home Depot once because it was a piece of junk and fell apart. I got an email from the manufacturer offering me a replacement for free which I gladly accepted. They also asked if they could delete my negative review which I agreed to since they were sending me a new mailbox. So Home Depot will post bad reviews but the manufacturer can remove them apparently. I assume "making it right" is optional. Just to conclude the story the new mailbox looked basically the same but the pedestal had been completely redesigned and has lasted over 6 years now without problem.

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