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  • Kymmm ·
    I know that feeling! The hubby says I should make things more kid friendly but, I just can't do it. I figure if kids are afraid to approach, I've done things right!! lol
    Kymmm ·
    I have a skelly, in my hearse. She opens her casket and sings "The Worms Crawl In, The Worms Crawl Out", lays back down and closes her casket but she is from Graveyard Skulls. Do you have big plans for 2012? I'm bummed that it in the middle of the week but, we are moving in March and will hopefully get more TOT's. :)
    Have a good night!
    MrNightmare ·
    Of all of those portraits, the only one I have is the Werewolf aka "Howlin Harry"!!! Too funny! They were made by Morris Costumes years ago and they are now discontinued. If you ever sell them off, let me know LOL!
    I have heard of Beyond the Grave productions, they are expensive though and I have never personally ordered from them. I have had my eye on those oblisk stones, but $750+shipping is a bit steep. Another good one is:


    They have some cool stuff and the prices are reasonable!
    ZombieRaider ·
    Thanks MrNightmare....You've got a pretty good stash yourself!....Love the Tombstones!....I've been admiring the Lenore stone for awhile now myself.....ZR
    Hauntcast ·
    Thank you for all the support with the subs and the t's. If we had more people like you, maybe we would have been able to keep the show going. Stay scary!
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow ZR!! Say - where have i been? When did you change your avatar? Hope your plans for 2011 are bubbling in that creative brain of yours! BOO!
    ZombieRaider ·
    Hello!....and Thanks!......You know I never did get any to try out.....lol...I got involved with the VSA programming and putting up walls,wiring,running air lines, and more programming,etc....I'm hoping to try it out sometime but it won't be this year....By the time Halloween is over, it will be too cold to spray it outside which is where I'd do it....ZR
    scubaspook ·
    Thanks for your comment and video on my workshop/storage post. Just wanted to say that I liked your setup of your building. As much as I would like to make my building as useful as yours it just wont happen. It must be nice to be able to leave everything up all year long and not have to worry about wind and rain. I decorate the front yard and have the back as a walkthru. I never realized how much wind and rain there is around here until I started this mess. Overall it is great to see how much fun that adults and kids have when they go thru it though.
    ihauntu ·
    thanks for visiting my photos I did see your clock , i was looking allover the net to find gothic style clocks yours looks like a real Grandfather clock did you find it somewhere? love the organ i think thats one of my big projects next year I had one in my first years of haunting when I first started styrofoam stuff it was alkward and not built to last and it didnt had it for about 3 years and decided not to bring it back noy gonna make a new and improved version watch for that post cheers
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow ZR! Just took a stroll through your wonderful pics and WOW!!! I started to make comments on each photo - but then I thought -- what the heck - might as well just cover them all with a big "WOW!!! THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC!" remark on your profile page. My fingers were getting cramped trying to add all the !!!!! to each comment! LOL With the holidays winding down, I can't wait to get focused on 10/31/2010! Happy New Year and see you on the Forum! BOO!
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