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  • GhoulyGirl ·
    Not sure if I accepted friendship request, I'm new to this site. Thnx for response, hoping to assemble prop for Halloween this year any help would be greatly appreciated.
    matrixmom ·
    Your setup so far is superb scorpion!! The pics and lighting are phenomennal! I love looking at all the wonderful details!
    22606 ·
    Sorry if I now have you doubting the authenticity of all of those items, which was not my intention:D I'd say that if the prices are what you would consider reasonable, take a chance on the one that interests you the most and see if it holds up. Personally, I am just as happy with knockoffs or second-hand goods, but that comes with the territory:rolleyes:
    22606 ·
    I thought that it looked very close to the one in the picture from the flea market. I don't know how much it matters, but the bank is a reproduction. Like you said, much cheaper, no doubt.
    HarleyQuinn07 ·
    FYI, I ended up ordering the Driveway Alert System from Harbor Fright earlier this week for $17.99 plus 20% off but shipping was around $7 :/ so it was higher than I wanted to pay. I heard they occasionally go on sale at that site for around $13.99. I also saw another post that indicated someone found one for around $10... so shop around if you can. I am totally technically and hardware store incompetent and impatient... I'm waiting for mine to arrive. :D

    I'm not sure how I'm going to use the spider at this point... I really just wanted something that would jump and scare the ToT as I only have 1 other graveyard scare prop (graveyard guy pops out from behind tombstone) from Spirit. I'm not really happy with all the stuff right now as its a mishmosh of stuff... no dedicated theme! :( I really wanted Lucky the Clown from frightcatalog.com since last year but apparently they don't make them anymore. Since I'm not finding many good looking clown props, I've got the zombie/witch/graveyard/skelly kinda thing going on oh and I'm planning to do AtmoFEAR FX Zombie Invasion in one window and Spectral Illusions Prudence Primm ghost image outside. Nothing is actually out yet... it will likely look like a demented gumbo mixture of props unless I can figure out how to tie is all together. I have a small yard too!

    I'm starting to get interested in looking into how to make some of these moving props. If I could make my static zombie female prop move, that would be cool. All this while working full time and taking a class!

    Don't forget to share pix of your spider lair when you get a chance. :D
    HarleyQuinn07 ·
    Cool, I bought the black jumping spider today! I hate spiders! Lol. The lair sounds cool!

    I read up on "driveway alert systems" or "motion detectors". It prett much guarantees to trigger your props if they are sound activated so you don't have to rely on the ToT being loud enough. Might that help?

    Harbor Freight website has the driveway alert systems... you place the receiver at the sound entry area on your prop (the sound of the bell or whatever you record) triggers the prop once the motion is detected.

    Hope your week is well.
    Forum User ·
    You are welcome :) this will be my first year so nothing took amazing. But I will def post pictures
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