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  • Terra ·
    Hi back :) No, I don't sell them but I often give them away. I always make one for the Secret Reaper and once for a prize with the Hauntcast Resurrection. The one tombstone you are talking about I gave away to a charity :(
    bethene ·
    thank you for ll the kind comments! I love my witches,, well, I love ALL witches,, lol!! but was happy with them that year, as far as the grave digger, his arms broke, and being at a camp ground for such a short time, a long weekend, I just never got around to fixing them! LOL!! and yeah,, I LOVE the frog, I got it from Rikki as a secret reaper gift a few years ago,, It is perfect for the witches!!!!!
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Ya I know the pics in that album are small and I'm not sure why. If you look at my other albums like Carnevil or Alice they show at a decent size. My newest album however was the first real pics I have loaded since the format change, so I'm pretty sure it's a simple case of operator error. I could probably futz with them and figure out how to change them but frankly I'm not that motivated. Lol ;). :D
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Well, I hope you like it. I don't usually do this for others because it takes me sooooo long to do them. It is usually just something I mess with late at night when I can't sleep and as you might have guessed from the number of cards I have made I am an insomniac!!! I am also not very computer literate. I know that there are other people in their 50's who are tech savoy but sadly I am not one of them! I don't have photoshop or really any editing programs, so I have to search for images online and then change and or add things individually. My kids constantly give me grief about this and tell me to invest in some sort of editing program because I would be able to do in minutes what now takes me hours.

    Oh well... isn't there is a saying about old dogs and new tricks! ;) :D
    Crazy Aunt Nancy ·
    Did receive your PayPal money. Thank you very much. Also got a phone message too. I guess the response I sent before didn't get to you, but I didn't use this format, so hope you get this response. All is well here in Atascadero. You take care. Crazy Aunt Nancy
    Rania ·
    Thanks! I love to share! Are you on YouTube? I just started uploading videos like a crazy person.
    Crazy Aunt Nancy ·
    Give me your email so I can attach photos of the Junipero Hauntings. I do have photos of Count Vigor too. I have two of him. One of the Vigors has strange eyeballs that appear to be leering at the children, plus his pants were stapled way down to his thighs. Kinda perverted so I got him for free. Re-did his eyes, touched up the latex on his nose, added a new suit and cape and I think he is quite impressive now.
    Seems Thousand Oaks is just the same in the other direction. Are you sure you want to send to your parents?
    My brothers live in Cloverdale (Santa Rosa) and in Tehachapi (2 1/2 hrs above Thousand Oaks). We're going to Tehachapi this January 12th if you want to do a monster exchange. Don't know when we are going to Cloverdale, but sometime in the next couple of months. Please email me your shipping requests otherwise I will proceed ahead with Thousand Oaks for $30.00 shipping from Atascadero.
    Sorry about the pics on HF. Email me and we can not lose anything in transition.
    [email protected]
    Otaku ·
    Hey C_D,
    I'm gonna be tied up with the holidays and getting the kids through finals for a while. Really can't get away for the forseeable future.
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