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  • bethene ·
    Hi, saw your blog about the doll, I would contact hallorenescene, she makes beautiful dolls very much like what you are talking about!!
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Weird and quiet, I get. I don't get into goofy mode too often though.

    The Zombie/Werewolf thing is a post ranking. As you post more, your ranking will change. I think the highest ranking is "The Great Pumpkin" and then once you get beyond that, you can customize it to whatever you like.

    Ah, I found the full details in the FAQ. This comes up a lot...see below.

    A title is placed below your name when you make posts. Your title changes based on the amount of posts that you make.

    Ghost 0-9 Posts
    Zombie (after 10 posts)
    Vampire (after 25 Posts)
    Werewolf (after 50 Posts
    Crypt Keeper (after 100 Posts
    The Great Pumpkin (after 150 Posts)
    * Custom Title / Member's Choice * (after 500 posts)

    *After 500 posts you can choose your own title:
    Go into your User Control Panel
    Then "Edit Profile"
    Then enter your "Custom User
    Baron Samedi ·
    Many thanks for the friend request.. Gratefully accepted of course!!
    I'm retired military myself. (20 years with the Royal Air Force) so I know it can be a pain moving around constantly, but it's a great way of life. I loved my time in the military.
    Feel free to drop me a message for a chat any time you like!

    Kind regards,
    Baron Samedi

    WitchyWolf ·
    Hey Everyone! Excited to be here. I've always been into Halloween, i would have been even if i wasn't born on this day :) Ask me anything ill answer and hope we can make friends. Im not so sure on how to blog or start a forum so if you have any pointers they'd be much appreciated. I am a navy wife of almost 1.5 years. We are high school sweethearts and no we don't have any babies, and no we are not planning to until after the Navy. We are both from Swanton,Ohio. Hopefully i can have some fun and make new friends :)
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