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  • ooojen ·
    Congratulations on the house! I hope your little pumpkin plants make the move with no setbacks!
    The Red Hallows ·
    I know this is a bit off the wall. Did you take an outside picture of your victim's box? Not sure if you decorate the box or not, but if you did, you'd think the driver would have had to remember it. That sucks when a box doesn't go where it needs to.
    WitchyKitty ·
    Yeah, I will probably let those two deal with jobs, first, then later decide on what to do for me...especially if he finds a job that makes us move...it would be better for me to wait rather than get a new job here and have to quit. I am still keeping my eyes open, though, just in case something really good pops up...but I'm not actively applying anywhere at the moment.

    Hmm...I have had that dizzy, light headed, odd drugged feeling before, so I know what you are trying to explain...but not continuously or for long periods of time. Odd. I hope your doc can figure out what is causing that. Do you have any inner ear issues? That can cause dizzy issues. I hope work goes smoothly for you...but if you get too dizzy and such, you may want to take it easy so you don't hurt yourself or make yourself worse. As for the arthritis...can you work part time or a different position at your job? Cutting back my hours and changing what I do at my job helped my wrist issues quite a bit.
    I hate having sick kitty babies, too. It's hurts my heart and makes me anxious. For Ty and her tummy issues, she has always had a sensitive tummy and threw up a lot...we have to feed her smaller portions so she can keep food down...but now she is, well, lets just say making quite a mess in the litter box...and we have tried expensive hairball stuff in case she had a blockage, probiotics in her food, putting her on different food...none of that worked. Now, we are switching her to a food that has limited ingredients to see if she has a food intolerance. If this doesn't help, she will need the shots. Sigh.
    Thanks! I won't be able to do this SR2, but I sometimes try to do one of the winter ones if money is okay. I hope to do another later, we will see how things are going by then. I'm still watching what's going on in this second reaper, though! Can't wait to see what you send people!
    bethene ·
    Glad you are doing a bit better, hope your hubby gets a better job, and your mom can find one,,, as for you, make sure your are doing better physically and mentally before you push your self,
    I am going back to work next week for two days, took July and August off, now it is time to go back, was thinking of just quitting due to arthritis , but am going to try it again and see what happens, I am also very light headed and dizzy ,have been for quite some time, not sure why, for a while I thought it was the pain meds I took for pain, when working but have not taken any most of the summer, and am still dizzy, right now, am what I describe as floaty, almost like being drunk or high, I hate this feeling, Thursday I go to the doc for it...so we shall see..
    poor kitties, I hate when my babies are ill,, I have a kitty who we have to be careful about food, he gets sores if he eats certain kinds of foods, not sure what is in it, but been feeding natural types and he seems ok now, he also throws up a lot, but I think it is because he eats too much too fast, cuz he is a big boy! Hope your little babies feel better!!!!
    you did a fabulous job with the reaper! Everything was awesome!! Maybe you can do one of the other ones later too!! I am working on mine slowly, as usual, will be shipping last minute!!
    bethene ·
    hi chica, how are you doing.. hope things are better for you... think about you often, wondering how it is going..
    bethene ·
    I am not sure what was wrong, but (fingers crossed) I think my son fixed it, that will make it so much easier to send names... but I think I told you hubby does not want me doing the reapers any more, so I can't just take hours like I used to and send the names, but this year we have less than half of what we usually do , so it will go quicker...
    bethene ·
    I am doing ok, I am having a I want to run away kind of day... live with two men who drive me insane!!!
    bethene ·
    hello there!! how are you doing? I am ok, trying to get my house organized, it is a mess, 30 years of living here, and being semi hoarders! LOL! plus now my son is back home from having his own place, some things are in storage . but some things are here... . need to get it organized!!!
    ooojen ·
    I checked for a sage thread, just in case, but didn't see anything, so I thought I'd reply here.
    We usually take off for a couple weeks during the summer, and my potted plants are at risk of drying out, so I try to have as little as possible that could die if it gets dry. They're pretty safe in the ground.
    I plant my rosemary and sage out in the flower border in front of the house, and in fall I prune them back a bit and bring them in. They grow a lot faster in ground, and the fall pruning helps offset the roots they lose when I dig them. I get enough rosemary that but I can use some fresh, but my sage is in need of sunshine. (Huh! I just watered it and checked on it, and I see it's starting to form buds! It's a bit etiolated, though.)
    I used to have a big herb garden, but it got torn up when we remodeled, and I still don't have it replaced. Maybe this will be the year!
    Thanks for sharing pictures of & information on white sage. If it's good through Z7, that means it can take a light freeze, which is important to me! I have a big collection of plants that always need to be relocated before the first hard frost, so it's nice if the stuff that has to be dug has a longer grace period!
    bethene ·
    I agree with THL, you are so pretty! So sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she is on the mend soon!
    The Halloween Lady ·
    I wanted to stop by and wish you a belated Happy Holidays and hope 2015 brings good things your way.
    Btw - love the profile pic! You a lovely young woman!!!!
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