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  • GraveyardQueen ·
    I love the name Spooky cat! Ours are Willie and Waylon. The bank is so cute, and the paint on the vase turned out so great. I also love the tiny bell jar, and ok, let's face it I love it all! Excited to read the stories!
    GraveyardQueen ·
    THANKYOU!!!! Just received my beautiful box of wonders and am absolutely in awe! You really understood my style and I love the variety! Thank you so much! Will post pictures as soon as I take them!
    a_granger ·
    Hi Witchy poo,
    I just saw some of you pictures in the Deathly Hallows threat. Really great stuff you pulled together!! I was very interested in the suit of arms you gathered and was hoping you might share where you found that?! your overal theme was just wonderful!
    bethene ·
    hi, once again I feel so awful,, I thought things were settled last night, I did send it this morning, if you can not open it this time, let me know,, I feel so so bad!
    Gatordave ·
    Well, I of course I have some ideas "in my head" but need to transfer them to actual "action". I have some extra reindeer motors. I used one to make a haunted Oujia board last year and thought I could turn it at an angle to have it open and close the lid. Either that or to make is somewhat raise the book while laying flat to give it the appearance of being haunted. Lets share notes, would be interested in what you come up with WP!!
    Gatordave ·
    Just saw your threads about spell books. Thanks for taking the time to post it! Really great ideas there. I have some old books but also found some of those fake hollow books. Trying to work a mechanism so it opens and shuts slightly. Really like your decorative touch on the outside. Thank you again.
    bethene ·
    hi!! saw on the thread about spell books your book with the frog by it, a quick question, is the frog ceramic or rubber? and if rubber or plastic, where did you get him? I do a haunt in a campground and want one for one of my witches to be roasting over a fire, instead of marshmallows, but can't find one, want a cheap one of course! thanks!
    norwayreaper ·
    Hi witchy poo

    Seen that you just joined not to long ago. Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you around here in the forum, and also hope to talk to you now and then. Have a good one. :)
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