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  • wilbret ·
    Howdy howdy. For some reason, I don't find myself on here as much as I had planned.
    All is well, just can't believe a>that summer is almost over b>that it's as hot as I can ever remember
    Laurie S. ·
    And how are the Wilbrets doing since we talked last May? Very well, I hope! It's about time I read one of your posts on here. I'm just sayin'.
    Laurie S. ·
    Oh my God!!! :-D Congratulations!!!! Now y'all are tied with us! Trust me, stop now, or you will have more than you can handle...seriously. LOL!

    I am SO glad to hear y'all are doing well and that the workfront is on the upswing, and that you can get back to enjoying Halloween even. SWEET.

    Well, aside from teaching, all I've been trying to do this school year is keep up with our sons (who will be 2nd graders in two days) and the grind of daily routine. We're gonna keep it low-key over the summer, save some cash by enjoying local scenes, but I tell ya...just to have some time away from a rigorous schedule for a couple months is all I need. :)

    Give the boys a hug for me!!
    wilbret ·
    I've been great! Busy busy busy, but great!

    We had son #2 on the 5th, got a little promotion at work shortly before that. By promotion, I mean more work... yay. ;-)

    My goal is to have a huge yard sale in a few weeks to make room in our garage... meaning... room for...getting ready for Halloween. Ha.

    Whats up!?
    Laurie S. ·
    HEY, M!! Definitely haven't seen you around much lately, but I assumed that it is just because y'all are so busy settling in....that is such an agonizing process, I do not envy you!! But, in a couple more weeks I have faith that you'll be fully decorated for Christmas like your neighbor. :) I swear, some folks just put their stuff out way too early anyways! I mean, where's the mourning period for Halloween??

    We are ready for Thanksgiving...don't have much planned except to go hang out at my Mom's--my brother, aunt, uncle, and cousin will be visiting as well. I still got nominated to cook the main courses for dinner though..sucky deal if ya ask me. ;-) Doing a little indoor Christmas decorating at our house by switching the Halloween village out for the Christmas one...

    What about y'all, are you set? Gonna get to visit with your family?
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