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  • Spooky-Licious ·
    Hiya! Thanks for stoppin by the page back in Apr. haha Couldn't access my account for the longest. Anywho, how are u? Has the halloween sickness kick in already? :D
    brees86 ·
    Hi Karldon, I'm sorry for the delay in replying - I just noticed your message. I will keep an eye out for the heads and would be happy to send one over to you.
    hallorenescene ·
    thanks. would you believe i had someone ask me which arm it was on. geesh, i told them it was my thigh, they asked if they could see a picture of me. i told them they already had one shot at me, i wasn't giving them another. some people!
    hallorenescene ·
    so i had surgery on the 22nd of last month. i had to wear these white leg stockings. so the day the nurse was taking the stockings off me, she all of a sudden started whipping covers and night gown over. she started studdying something. it startled me. i said..what? the nurse said i was just looking at your tattoo. lol. i had even at this time completly forgotten about it. she said she liked it. she showed me she had 3. she had her eyes tattooed in blue eyeliner, a bracelet on her wrist, and one across her lower back. then the next day a different nurse was untangling something, and she suddenly started whipping stuff aside. she looked at my tattoo and then asked...are you a witch? i said...no...yes...maybe can be sometimes. the first nurse was so nice, the second nurse warmed up after awhile. so my tattoo was a big hit.
    KimmyBlanks ·
    Thanks for the welcome! :) Yep, I LIVE for Halloween! I think about it all day every day 365 days a year. It's an addiction hahaha :D Nice to meet you!
    kprimm ·
    The corn stalks in the picture are real. I usually put them up in early October and they last all the way till Halloween easy.
    undead_october ·
    Hello WL.....Thanks for the request...I see you also have a horror/halloween room. Actually, all my collectibles are currently in storage..A few years back, I turned that room into an exotic animal room. Mostly frogs and a large tegu lizard. I really miss having my stuff on display..I have tried to come up with other means, but I don't have the room.
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