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  • Halstaff ·
    Go to the CalHaunts http://www.calhaunts.com/ website and click on join. Shoot Monica an email and she will get back to you. It took awhile for me to get a response but I sent in my request over the holidays. I will be heading up around 9:30 from Pt. Loma. The meeting is in Upland so about a 2 hour drive. People start to gather around 11:00 but I am teaching a cycle class and can't get away much earlier.
    This months build is a leering prop but I think they already put in the order for the parts. My first meeting was last month and I just watched.
    Great group that's very willing to share info.
    creepycathy ·
    LOL!! You would laugh if you knew the crap I had to go through to put Grandma together. Thought it would be an easy thing to do. Not hardly! And when i did finally finish, or so I thought, I decided to move her and her dang head fell off. The glue around her mask was still wet. She rolled around in the grass a few times before I caught it. GGRRRRR. Took another hour & 1/2 to get it done, again. Loctite was everywhere on her. The knitting needles were home-made out of a dowel and a tack. Wasn't happy with that so I bought new, real ones since that pic was taken. And I have chopped off half her fingers since then, too. Still haven't fixed that.
    All my props have been re-done, several times. It took me almost 3 months to do something as simple as PVC candles. And I STILL don't like the way they turned out. LOL
    The sad thing is that people drive down my road doing about 60 m.p.h. (the limit is 35) and nobody, but me, will see the details!!!
    But, I'm like you. I have no patience. I think most of us this forum have some level of ADD/ ADHD. LOL Of course, I will always deny that!!:) Or maybe it's just a 'perfectionist' thing. :D
    Thanx for the add!! Good luck!! hope you have a great week! looking forward to pics!!!! :) :)
    dustin2dust ·
    I like Krylon the best for theatrical make up. Only problem is, it's hard to find and their website was horrible last I saw.
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