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  • punkineater ·
    Fantastic photo of yours featured on pumpkinrot~congrats!!! You had SOO many beautiful photos, I'm surprised he didn't feature every single one. I loved them all :D
    Hilda ·
    The photograph of your room in the crafts thread is gorgeous! I love all the details.
    Great job! :)
    Raven's Hollow Cemetery ·
    Yes sir, most definitely did. After the setup day troubles, the night was aaaalmost perfect!

    Nah, I haven't had time to post a pic thread so far, no time to take photos myself last night, planned on it tonight, but it's raining cats & dogs, so that's out for the moment... Although a friend did grab some pics & vid whilst the festivities were ongoing, that I'm decompressing right now.

    As soon as the rains through, I'll have to set up the animated stuff again, & take a few of my own to supplement her shots. They'll all be up by the weekend. Thanks for the interest. :)
    ELH(Erin Loves Halloween) ·
    awww your too kind. I hope that I can pull something out this year . I always try to make it bigger and better than last year. Who knows if I can, but I will post pics of 2013 I promise!!! What are you going to do this year?
    slash ·
    wow looks good man I didnt take any pics I live in a condo here in Illinois I just put props downstairs in the lobby and on my balcony everyone likes it although some of the people here can be rude they like to touch stuff and move things I hate people like that they just cant keep their hands to themselves
    slash ·
    np man i hope it looks good I bought one, you gonna buy one too? How did your 2012 haunt go? any video of it would love to see i like those shrunken heads you made I wish I had time to make one myself, oh well.
    norwayreaper ·
    Hi vampyrespro

    Thanks, I am honored that you asked me to be on your friends list and honored to have you on my friends list also. Have a good one. :)
    slash ·
    i like the shrunken heads do you have a link or tutorial on how to make them and were they hard btw that is one creepy pic in your avatar what is that a zombie from a movie or something looks creepy
    Raven's Hollow Cemetery ·
    You're very welcome :) I'll have a little more time to devote to the forum in a couple of weeks when things get back to normal around here. As it were, I pulled 93 hrs. this last week, which barely leaves time to sleep in between work. When the students come back to town (aka: most of my clients), then I can put down the 2nd job and have a bit more time for myself. Can't wait for that! :D
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