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  • bamtunebam ·
    Similar weather here. You take a chance by setting up early. Very good chance of getting snowed on. Two years ago a storm ripped down one of my major displays. I learner the hard way to roll with the punches otherwise you will ruin the fun.
    bamtunebam ·
    I had a look at your photos. The "mausoleum entranceway (still a work-in-progress)" prop is magnificent. How can it still be a work-in-progress? It looks great to me. Then we move on to your grim reaper and your coffins and spiders add... and ... WOW! Very nice set up.
    thededmatter ·
    Dude! Was at Scarefest with part of the family! Luv'd it, was hot in the arena tho, kids got bored after awhile but I loved it! My bat tattoo on my ankle was popular with the Bat World booth! Had a great time talking with the vendors and got pysched about the Running Dead coming up in Sept, but don't think I'll make it for that. Hope there's vid on it tho! Nice to meet you at the Haunters Convention! Happy Haunting this year!
    osenator ·
    I was wondering if you thought of advertising your calender in Rue Morgue Magazin, or send them a letter, mentionning it? They showcased a horror Calender in December's issue. I got mine with Doto, amazing job! Thank you!
    osenator ·
    Hey there! Glad your Halloween went well. Wonderful weather, we got! Sadly, got only 200 kids around, way down from other years, but it's till was a great Halloween. Next year, we will start in September to plan and depack and prepare for everything. This year was a test to see if we could use the backyard and it was a huge hit. Next year will be way better. I would say, we forgot or didn't have time to use about 25% of my collection. Sadly, I did hurt my back (got ciatica, nerve damage to the spine) and been out of commision in the last few weeks. My wife and David and other friends helped out a lot, since I couldn't do much. Going to the doctor tomorrow, and start seeing physio. Wish me luck. Take care, JM (PS, will send the check soon for all 3 calenders, please tell me how much for all, also, maybe one for David too, will surprise him as a gift, for all his help).
    halloweeny78 ·
    Hey there Uruk-Hai! Glad to find you here! We've "talked" before over on "that other site" (CHA's recent conversion of sorts of the old OHC). I haven't really searched around yet but I am interested if you know if there's a many folks from Ontario here on HF. Have you noticed many? BTW, I still love your work. Your attention to detail is superb!
    Guest ·
    I'll creeep back over when the weather warms up, to look for new pics. :)
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