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  • Dr. Z ·
    Thank you very much UnOrthodOx, I used some coton strips for bandages (don't no the name in English, sorry) to strengthen the latex and it works just fine!
    Dr. Z ·
    Hi Unorthodox, best wishes for this new year!
    Well I'm actually following you Glove mold How To thus i could make my own army of skulls. Since the latex I use seems to be more liquid than yours, could you tell me how thick the mold should be?
    Laurie S. ·
    Hey, UnOrthodOx, stopping by to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving this week..may it be a time of good company and enjoyment by all! Take care!
    Muffy ·
    Boy I'm sure glad you know what to do with these appliances....maybe you could help me.....I'm sure I can't afford to do anything before xmas especially with that party for the Haunters coming up but I was wondering.......Ya know I have those appliances from BodyBagg that I won on the coffin contest & they are just great, he even sent me an extra one.........problem is I love them but don't have anyone HUMAN to wear them...we just do our haunt ourselves & these guys won't wear them......is there any way to attach them to a styrofoam head......I know that sounds ridiculous especially considering what they are made to do.......also I am clueless on how to paint them & with what to paint them & where do you get that kind of paint?

    I keep all my latex mask in the house so they are not in the cold & heat & I clean them with a soft paint brush that removes the dust off them.


    So keep me in mind is ya have any advice
    Muffy ·
    Greetings Oh Fearless One!!

    Hey I got the Halloween Prop Building Group started yesterday. Larry is waiting to see how many join that may be interested before he adds any sub sections for us. If ya get a chance please stop in there & join & also I posted on the General Halloween section that we are looking for volunteers to teach classes. Please when you have time post whatever you want to teach in that section, if you can teach more than one thing please list it also.

    UnOrthodOx ·
    The "cemetery" (not sure I'm still comfortable calling it that) was actually fairly simple. The kids did MOST of the work, I only really did the grave mounds.

    In fact, it's all Alec's fault the thing was made to begin with. To be quite honest, I don't really like it. Far too ordinary for me.

    Yes, I'm the shrunken head guy. For those of you viewing here, with the limit to the album space here, and the extra work it involves re-uploading them a seperate place, here's a link to ALL my photo albums.


    Prior to 2008, my stuff was stored at another website, that went under. So, only what I managed to salvage got into those albums.

    2005 was an insane mask project.

    2006 was centered around the scarecrows.

    2007 gave birth to the field of skulls, and 2008 was all over the place.

    Right now, we're going over 3 basic plans for 2009.

    1. Spiders. I have a few things rummaging around my brain to throw an unorthodox twist to the idea. The down side is it really doesn't fit into our other stuff. So, I'm actually thinking of doing it as a 'one off' thing. Go TOTALLY spiders next year, then sell it all off to resume business as usual in 2010. But, RIGHT NOW, I kinda need a break from the whole tribal thing. That could change by January when I start up again.

    2. A super secret bizaar plan that turns Halloween on it's head. I've sat on this plan for 3 years now, and This would be intended to allow me to alternate with the 'normal' setup. It's a lot more FUN than it is frightening, and I can already see parents and ToT's staring at it dumbfounded as to what's going on and what they're supposed to do.

    3. The problem above...I can see folks disappointed that the normal stuff is missing...thus:

    Nightfall V 2.0. Project Nightfall (the graveyard) was fine and dandy, but the mounds all collapsed in the center over time, and it was lacking a certain something. Rebuilding the mounds (fiberglass), adding motion censors, and using MIB guts to make the mounds rumble about as moaning comes from under them. It also needs more DETAILS. It's ALL about the details in the end. Not to mention the totems need some touch-up/redesign, and the goodie hut area never got finished in 2008, and there's those...thingies...I could make. Lots of stuff missing there, still.
    hallorenescene ·
    wow, your cemetary is spellbinding. no doubt it took a lot of work. i see your little ones pitching in. of course, if i recall right you are the one who makes the shrunken heads. they are pretty cool in a very gruesome sort of way. well, hopefully i will work on things i have learned on this forum throughout the year and be better ready for next year. i am so already looking forward to it. geesh, it seems so far off.
    hallorenescene ·
    in 2006 my daughter and i went to a garage sale and they had this big stack of glass windows with a free sign on it. my daughter spotted it. we had no idea what we would use it for but took it. the owners had just bought the house and it was there from the previous owners. i figure maybe they were going to build a greenhouse with it. there were 32 pieces. i figure most had already been grabbed. in 2007 i built my tombs out of it. my daughter was impressed. i thought they turned out pretty cool. i have a silly epitagh on all four sides and something hanging inside. i just put a couple of soft spotlights just barely shining on them. but i have been wanting to light them up individually. when i saw the cemetary thread i loved it. i could see the lighting would really add but like those each took individual special lighting. when i saw yours i was excited, that was what i was looking for. since i showed my daughter that thread and when i came to yours she got excited and said thats what you need. confirmed. so that is how i am going. thanks for the compliment on my tombs. i really liked how they turned out. i posted them and had over a 1000 look but only got 3 comments, talk about feeling like a failure. muffy was very encouraging. well, i like them so i go with them. maybe it was the lack of lighting. anyway, if you would like to see them up close, go into members photos and find me or the cemetary thread, if you click on my banner, it will bring up my past years. click on 2007 and that is where they are first listed. i wanted to do a tcm this year of a widow crying over a grave but ran out of time. i also didn't get my coffin out or my 3 ground breaking blow molds, [a witch, a skeleton, and a frankenstien, plus their hands]. next year hope to build 4 guys marching through the graveyard holding soft blue glowing lights. all the rest of my stones are just cheap plastic or styrophoam from stores, [after halloween specials
    Madame Turlock ·
    Hi everybody...my Halloween was a quiet one. My grandson went out of town with his parents to a weekend party. It was good for him to have other children to play with...but we got some great pictures of my little "Elmo". I've been watching all of you scurrying to get ready and I know I will join the insanity next year...it just wasn't meant to happen this year.

    However, I do have news of a Blog I just started to keep myself more organized, and to solicit you help in keeping me moving forward. So check it out....I don't think the registration function is working right yet...at least the automatic e-mail function, but I hope to have that fixed soon. I believe the RSS feed is working so you are welcome to subscribe to updates. It still needs a lot of work, but I'm really happy with the way my design work has turned out so far. I want to do something creative with the title instead of just the plain text, but that will come in time. Anyway, if you see problems on your side please let me now OK...you are my testers.

    And I serious...kick me in the b...backside if you don't see new posts showing progress.

    Madame Turlock ·
    Hi Everyone...I'm am so behind in catching up with all your fun. My Halloween will be very simple this year, not what I planned but sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. My detour is a good one and I know next year will be more focused (at least that is the promise I made to myself). I took some pumpkins to my grandson today and it was such a treat to not only hear him say "pumpkins"....but count the number of pumpkins too. I'm such a push over for my little brown-eyed boy.

    Since my plans for Halloween are all boogered up anyway I agreed to do some volunteer work at the Democratic Party Headquarters in our community. I worked on the phone bank today and discovered it was quiet fun. I got "the old people" call list. It's a good thing the person coordinating the office who gave me the "old people list" is a good friend because when I started calling the list I discovered many of the people on the list were close to my age. Ha! Old people indeed. Anyway, it was a new and interesting experience.

    My web page has been slightly delayed because I lost a big file of graphic work and had to redo it, but I'm loving this project. As soon as it is online I'm going to get back to work on Morti and a number of other projects that are gathering dust.

    I miss you all and promise to be back more often very soon. I have been collecting some great pictures of grave markers that I will post soon for anyone who wants to get a headstart on ideas for next years projects (probably a bad time of the year to bring that up...but I'll be brave about it). I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your 2008 Haunt.

    Hugs - M.T.
    Madame Turlock ·
    Hi UnOrthodOx I'm just stopping by to say hello. I have been around much because I've been focused on building my online business, which I hope to launch next week. After that I should be around annoying ya'all again. What are you doing to get ready for the big day?
    Madame Turlock ·
    Hello my favorite forum friends. I am sure you are all eagerly anticipating the big day....only 48 days and counting. I just wanted to check in with all of you because I haven't been logging on for a while. I am in the process of starting a new business and it is consuming a lot of my time on the computer right now. I am hoping to have a web page on line in the next couple of weeks. When I reach this milestone I will send you all a link so you can see what I've been up to.

    It has been three years since I left my job. Mentally I was not ready to retire. Physically my doctor said do it now... So I have been searching for a life after a very personally rewarding and mentally demanding career. I'm not happy unless I do something that challenges me to grow. So I feel like I have finally found that path. I miss you all and plan to be back as soon as I can. Since Halloween is approaching quickly, I have some makeup charts for Halloween faces that might be of interest to you. I will post them in my albums some time next week. They might give you some new ideas.

    Take care my friends

    Laurie S. ·
    Wanted to stop by a wish you a very enjoyable Father's Day this weekend, Ox!! May you receive the rest and relaxation you deserve. :)

    I'm sorry to hear that your Mom's in the hospital, I very much hope it's nothing too serious and that she gets to come home soon.
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