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  • HallowSusieBoo ·
    So I did it - I visited your blog. Wonderful - that's all I can say - simply wonderful. . . I'll be thanking you for your well done tutorials to be sure. I can just see myself making all the cool "stuff" I need for this year's haunt by following your instructions. I'll advance the thanks now. Wish me luck! BOO!
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow UnOrthodOx! Just had to stop by to say I love your new avatar!! Just think - Halloween on a Global scale!! This could be the next HF logo! Send it to Larry and see what he thinks. I would buy bumper stickers, scarves, you name it! Really nice graphic. . .
    strublay ·
    Nice! Yeah they most likely will do another contest, but I think they are just swamped for GW2 and haven't gotten around to announcing it yet... it isn't even October. Great work! I look forward to seeing that Charr Effigy, that is if cloudy skies are willing to part to allow your paper mache to dry. Good Luck man!
    UnOrthodOx ·
    Just a warning. I don't really 'get' this whole networking thingamajigger, so don't be too surprised not to see me use it much. ;)
    JohnnyAppleseed ·
    After seeing your response to that Spookymufu dude I figured we think alike and better add you as a friend (thought you already were!).
    alucard ·

    Enjoyed the "Bob" prop you are working on. Looks great. One of the best skeletons I've seen built from scratch!
    UnOrthodOx ·
    Good to know someone actually sees that thing. (the blog) :D

    We're in the South Ogden/Uintah area, right off of Highway 89. It's a bit of a drive from Sandy.

    We do a sort of dry run on the 30th. Testing wiring and lighting, etc, and have anyone that wants to come over that night, because many who drive in to see it can't on Alls Hallow Eve, and I'm usually running around fixing things and snapping photos. We're typically not playing the music (at least not on my brother's system, he owns a music store and sets us up concert grade equipment for halloween), or in costume, so it's not quite the full getup, but we have much better treats that night (cake, doughnuts, cocoa, etc.) ;)
    gshoop ·
    I was just poking around at Halloween sites and stumbled onto your blog. I recognized the Terror Ride at Lagoon and figured you had to be somewhat close to me. I live in Sandy. Where are you at? I would like to make a point to come check our your display come Halloween if you are close.
    MHooch ·
    Hi there, just had to let you know how much I enjoyed your post in the "what's your thing" thread...You are a great storyteller!!!!
    UnOrthodOx ·
    A single sentence mentioning it, in passing, on the morning news (fox 13) as I headed off to work.

    They REALLY did not get the word out on that one. But, that might have been the sponsor's responsibility. (one I hadn't heard of, as well) Who knows.
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