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  1. Dragon Pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    Outstanding work! uo
  2. Static: Vintage Creepy Clown Puppet

    Halloween Props
    Thanks everyone.:D uo
  3. Static: Vintage Creepy Clown Puppet

    Halloween Props
    This is a vintage stick puppet most likely from the 1970's. I believe it originally came from an old puppeteer. I think it is supposed to be like a Punch and Judy puppet, but does not have the nose they normally have. This thing is even more creepy that it has 2 right hands. lol. Go ahead, look...
  4. Creepy Shelly Tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I finally got some good pics of Shelly. I guess it's good timing too since Photobucket has ruined this and many other threads. uo
  5. RIP George Romero

    Horror Discussion
    Dawn of the Dead changed my life in the way I saw horror. The mood and feeling he created in that film have never been matched in any zombie film. Imo, it is the greatest zombie film of all time. Romero was one of he most gifted directors to ever sit in the director's chair. R.I.P George. undead
  6. Dawn of the Dead 1978

    Horror Discussion
    Here is an awesome video showing and comparing the original Dawn of the Dead locations, then and now. Undead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5t3X2kJUWY
  7. Dawn of the Dead 1978

    Horror Discussion
    Here are some shots of my custom Dawn of the Dead 1978 1/6 figures I got a while back.:D undead
  8. Dawn of the Dead 1978

    Horror Discussion
    To be a where they were during the actual filming of DOTD, even if you weren't in the movie, must be a great feeling. undead
  9. Dawn of the Dead 1978

    Horror Discussion
    Wow, incredible story! Like me, it sounds like DOTD changed your life, but in a different way. Imo, it truly is one of greatest films ever made. undead
  10. testing

    Off-Topic Stuff
    lol I was seeing how the pics looked and posted it by accident. Wasn't ready to post it yet. Yes, it is the original Death Studios Lon Chaney London after Midnight mask. It's around 20 years old. The hat did not originally come with it. Well, while I'm at it, here are the rest of the pics. I...
  11. testing

    Off-Topic Stuff
    London After Midnight Mask Can't seem to edit the title. I was testing pics of this mask to see how it would look. Posted it by accident. undead
  12. Some of my drawings

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Thank you, I really appreciate it.:D undead
  13. Some of my drawings

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi All, wanted to show some of my drawings. I hope you like them. I included a couple of side by side pics with the pictures I used for reference. I took pics of these drawings with a digital camera, they were not scanned, so some detail was lost and they are not as clear as the actual drawings...
  14. Dawn of the Dead 1978

    Horror Discussion
    I found the director's cut on You Tube. I don't think I've ever seen the director's cut. Here is the link. undead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wVGdzAWqvg
  15. Monster Toy Photography

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi All, I wanted to share one of my hobbies. I consider myself an amateur toy photographer. I try to get great close up and dynamic shots of action figures, models and the like. I try to make them look realistic and as though they are going to jump right out of the screen. I don't really...