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  • Jenn&MattFromPA ·
    Hi! I saw that you were from Bucks County, PA and wanted to say hello! I'm new to the forum but my husband and I live in Bucks County too. We like to decorate our yard each Halloween and this place has provided lots of inspiration! Hope to see you around the forum!
    scarybella ·
    why thank you :) wifey will like the compliments I think I am getting her hooked to Halloween. but I could never drag her away from Christmas. this is her time of year pretty lights with no mess or making things :) we will be better next year but we have some catching up to do in the UK :)
    Kymmm ·
    Thanks for commenting on my gravedigger/caretaker! It's nice to get feedback and even better when it's positive!! lol Have a great evening!
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