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  • punkineater ·
    The BA will be a centerpiece, for sure!

    Wow, I guess so-it's industrial size! Super sweet of you to help out your fellow haunter up there. What are you talkin' about!? ~your tombstones look great!
    Hilda ·
    Oh YES! I saw you visited the Haunted Wastelands. Well, I mean Jason. I am glad they are going ahead with their haunt this year, I thought it may have been up in the air with their move.
    That is so nice of you to help create some props for a fellow haunter. Halloween Haunt people are absolutely the nicest folks. I swear!!
    That photo of your crosses is just... striking. Simple and sorrowful as you say.
    punkineater ·
    Bet you barely waited for the car to stop before you jumped out~I can relate to that feeling! Agreed, when they're already creepy and 'naturally' messed up, that's even better.
    Trex ·
    Good to hear! Liam, our oldest, plays competitive league soccer, 3 games this week and practice Sunday,I am sooo very happy dance is done or it would be crazy! May is crazy month for us as we have both dance and soccer. I know how difficult it is to manage schedules.

    Thanks for the compliments, glad you are enjoying the latest props. We still have a lot of work to do, big build projects like new haunt panels, wallpapering, etc. we have had a beautiful spring/summer, so have been able to get quite a bit done, we have made good progress. Are you going to add much this year? Your daughter is an awesome helper, looks like she enjoys Halloween a lot.

    Are you going on vacation?
    punkineater ·
    I can imagine, what a score-doesn't get any better than free! You've really been finding some fantastic stuff lately. And do you tell people
    what you 'do' to the dolls? I don't divulge that info anymore-too many weird stares. Guess it's not normal to stuff a doll in a jar or
    cut their heads, arms & legs off?
    There are a few tuts on here on how to do the ghost mirrors, but since the one I had was already in such sad shape, figured
    winging it would work out fine. We'll see, come haunt time, if it holds up..or if I should've took the time to look up a tut~fingers crossed:rolleyes:
    doto ·
    Summer is the busiest time of the year with lacrosse and soccer going full steam. Loving your new work from afar. Keep it up so we can continue to copy.

    How are things?
    punkineater ·
    Thanks for the comments! Your creepy babies in the pram are awesome! Oh, and the glass cabinet with parts and heads.....mwhaaaaa! Love!

    For the mirror, I just printed out a B&W creepy face from internet. The mirror was already very flaky, so I chipped away more where the face would go, glued the face to the mirror. That's it. Took literally about 5 minutes to do.
    Hilda ·
    Hi! Thanks for your comments on the unicorn jar!
    I answered your question on the photo. I hope my explanation makes sense. LOL :)
    doto ·
    Assuming you don't mind...your technique will be copied. It looks like a fun project I can do with my daughter. She LOVED doing the baby in a jar last year so I am confident she will love doing these too,

    scareme ·
    So have you had your trivia match yet, and how did your team do? I love trivia games. I will always remember Dumbo's mouse friend was Timothy, because that's the question that put me out one time. lol
    punkineater ·
    Never thought of doing 'fake' books *smacks forehead*! Looking forward to seeing finished product:D

    The lab panel is sooo realistic~the detail is spot on.
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