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  1. Playing music outside

    Halloween Music
    Just wondering wha5 everyone uses to play music outside. Do you use iPods? Sorry for sounding dumb. Is there a better way to play music outside?
  2. Green alien yard haunt ideas, looking for projection ideas

    General Halloween
    I really want to do some sort of alien halloween scene in my yard with green aliens. I am really into doing projection right now so I'm wondering if anyone knows of anything alien related out there.
  3. Other: Better than Madame Leota: A New Adventure in Projection Effects

    Halloween Props
    I am so doing this! It looks absolutely amazing. I'm doing a creepy carnival theme this year. I have a gemmy spirit ball and a zultan prop but this blows them away!!!! I can use my gemmy spirit ball right? Will it destroy the spirit ball if I take the head out?
  4. Lowe's, Menards, and Home Depot Halloween 2014

    General Halloween
    Some people are selling the medusa on ebay right now. Did they get them from Home Depot? They are sold out now bummer
  5. Inflatable medusa on ebay?wholesale in tables source?

    General Halloween
    Does anyone know where to get the inflatable medusa? I saw one on ebay but have searched online and can't find it anywhere? Email me [email protected] I'm interested in wholesale but not having any luck going through gemmy
  6. Gemmy Halloween 2014 Predictions

    Announcements / Press Releases
    does anyone know where people are getting the Ursula inflatable from the little mermaid on Ebay? Ive seen 2 pop up but searched online and found nothing?? also, I know Sunstar and Arrett sales carry Gemmy items, but is there anymore distributors, suppliers? its not easy to find!!!! I also...
  7. wanted: anything for a creepy carnival clown haunt! props, projection anything!

    Wanted to Buy
    contact me at [email protected] if you have anything or any ideas for a creepy carnival, clown haunt! i have some clown animatronics from Spirit but looking for additional ideas/items!
  8. does Gemmy do wholesale?

    Wanted to Buy
    Ive been looking all over and cant find any manufacturer of gemmy items. does anyone know of any wholesalers out there that offer Gemmy products? if so email me at [email protected] thanks!
  9. my haunt for this year! heres the video!

    General Halloween
  10. QVC and HSN Halloween Program Guide

    General Halloween
    hey you guys, I live close to the HSN outlet here in florida. they always have halloween stuff for half the cost. in fact, I have some stuff I am selling that I bought last year if interested! I have the head dropping witch, and a flying animated reaper. are they doing a halloween show this...
  11. Anyone decorating yet?

    General Halloween
    when is too early to do your yard? I want to do it now!!! so excited!
  12. Lighting: Perfect Storm Thunder and Lightning machine

    Halloween Props
    the whole cannon thing sounds great too! shoot, i dont know which one to do now! lol I have orange strobe lights inside the cannon part, i do have a mast but unsure what kind of lights to have attached. hmmm, I have some deciding to do! any suggestions on what types of lighting to use?
  13. Spirit halloween 30% off today and tomorrow

    General Halloween
    Did anyone get the coupon today and if so what did you buy?
  14. Lighting: Perfect Storm Thunder and Lightning machine

    Halloween Props
    Okay so I got the perfect storm for 27.00 and free shipping on halloween express.com with a coupon! Anyways, we are building a pirate ship so i got this for the whole lightning effect on the ship. Do you have any suggestions on what type of lights i should get and placement of lights for this...
  15. 2013 Halloween Mdse Sightings in Stores

    General Halloween
    Oh okay! Where do you find the heavy buckles at? Thx