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  • bethene ·
    thank you for the kind words on my potion jars, this is a great place, just jump in,. start posting, and you will find out just how great every one is,
    bethene ·
    hi!! thank you for the friendship request, very cool wild west decor` - great eye for detail!!!!!!very cool!!
    The Red Hallows ·
    My first year I missed the secret reaper exchange also, but I was able to do the post-halloween secret reaper exchange. Keep your eyes out.
    savagehaunter ·
    to answer your question, I took an old terra-cota pot I had and put in one of those faux p-lant green foam blocks. I then added plastic plants from dollar tree. I then took two pieces of pvc and painted them green and put them in. I then hot glued on some silk flowers. I then cut in half some foam eggs that were from Micheals and paperclayed them into monsterous venus flytraps, painted them green and hot glued them on top of the pvc pipes. I touched up everything with green paint. I put a few rocks and moss at the bottom and now I have my own man eating plant.
    halloween71 ·
    thanks for pic comment.
    I bought the barrell from a member here bobzilla he has all kinds of cool piratey props for sale.
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