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  • GhostTown ·
    Whoa... I was way off. Middleton Rd? What was I thinking.

    We'll drive by over there soon. Congrats on the new home! :)
    GhostTown ·
    Sounds exciting. :D

    My wife and I have been up and down Middleton road a few times in the last week and I pointed out the general area where you're building. We look forward to seeing your display this fall!
    GhostTown ·
    Hi Tina,

    We live on the Southside of Nampa, toward the South end of 12th Ave, past Greenhurst. Real close to Sunnyridge Elementary School. You are more than welcome to stop by and say hello! We haven't started on this years Halloween build yet due to landscape reconstruction, along with rebuilding our back patio, but we'll likely start in late June or July when the heat really kicks in.

    I read about your house and I'm glad to hear that you chose Nampa. I consider myself a very proud Nampa resident who is forced to work in Eagle. :D
    TK421 ·
    I built the brick path myself, and during the construction, I buried some PVC pipe si I could run fog. Here's the thread where I describe the build: Brick Path with Fog
    Rynnye ·
    Hi! Thank you so much for the nice comment on my tombstones. I'm really liking how your ToT tombstone came out. It's such a cool idea!
    bringjoy ·
    Hello! Yes, it's always fun to see local folks. We moved from Boise to Meridian last SEPT. and were shocked when we didn't have one TOT on Halloween. Kinda took the wind out of my sails for this year=( I hope your work is progressing nicely.
    tinafromidaho ·
    Thanks, I'm just finishing working on a little Sam guy. I'll definitely have to try to come and see your setup this year and you can come and check out mine.
    Skulkin ·
    That's a great price for blue foam and family lives in Emmett but I think I've got enough foam to last for awhile. Love your Beloved!
    Big Nick ·
    If you are looking for Halloween Font for Tombstones then try Googling "Free Fonts". A lot of time you can find websites that offer free samples that you can save to your computer.
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