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  1. Corpsing for $30 and under

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Can you use the spray on elmers instead on the actual glue bottle form?
  2. 2 decorating themes....but cant decide!

    General Halloween
    oi Hallows, I did a mad scientists lab a couple years ago that worked out really well even had me roommate as the victime and my nephew as the scientist...more blood and parts the better, nothing wrong if your neighbors think you've gone mental.
  3. Hi from Cottage Grove Oregon

    Member Introduction
    Hello CMEand3. I'm a Hillsboro boy, glad to see you here, a lot of great tutorials to paruse. enjoy.
  4. making skull torches out of basic tiki torch

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    it actually works really good, I started doing this about 6 years ago, if I can find a pic I'll post later
  5. lights for lightning

    are blue photo bulbs easy to come by or do i need to go to a specialty shop?
  6. Hello from Oregon

    Member Introduction
    This is a great site, hoping to find some great info here,so many entertaining ideas