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  1. Static: Jeepers Creepers Creeper Wings V2

    Halloween Props
    Great job. That looks awesome. Any night shots?
  2. Most outrageous thing that's happened at your Haunt...

    General Halloween
    I've put on a Haunted House in one form or another for nine years running now. Wow I hadn't realized it was that long. Well a couple of years ago we ran it for a local school. We did it for one night during their fall festival, we'd had over a hundred people come through and were finished for...
  3. Wabash Cemetery 2013

    General Halloween
    Here's some pics from my yard haunt for this year. We had an extra day due to the city postponing trick or treat due to expected bad weather. It was a good decision. The wind and rain was laying my tombstones down almost flat and put my gate over a quarter of the way. Had to reinforce the gate...
  4. Mechanical: Spark Fence Help Needed

    Halloween Props
    Hey I'm trying to do a spark fence with a battery charger. I hook one lead to my fence and the other to my Metal rod. I'm getting no spark. I try touching just the leads from the charger together and don't get a spark either. Am I leaving something out? I've tried this with two chargers mine and...
  5. Mechanical: Spark fence

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know if a spark machine/ battery charger works with chain link fence? Is the effect diminished at all?
  6. Attick of the "Church Lady" !!!

    General Halloween
    Blarghity. That's hilarious. Strother Martin standing before them, "What we have here is a failure to communicate." Brings a whole different feel to Charlie Brown saying. :All I got was a rock." Thanks for the laugh.
  7. Horror/Halloween movies?

    General Halloween
    Both are excellent!
  8. Attick of the "Church Lady" !!!

    General Halloween
    There's just so much to comment about in this thread I don't know where to start. I am a Christian and was actually just ordained as a Deacon two weeks ago. Many of my beliefs might offend people on this forum if you want to know more about them feel free to ask. I love to read threads like this...
  9. Static: Bayou shack WIP

    Halloween Props
    Looking good. We help our parks and rec with a Haunted Swamp each year. Parks gives haunted boat rides in the indoor pool with divers in the water then people go through our haunted house in the basement. I've wanted to do a swamp shack since our first year. This may inspire me to do so. Can't...
  10. Face in the Window

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Got my yard decorations set up yesterday, took some pictures including this one. I enlarged it and noticed the face in the window. Very creepy.
  11. Got the yard decorated today.

    General Halloween
    Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Garth it is a little early, I usually wait till the weekend after October 1st but I've got to focus on putting together the haunted house for our local parks and rec. We're planning on two nights this year 25th and 26th. We did so well with one night last...
  12. Got the yard decorated today.

    General Halloween
    My wife and I decorated the yard today. Got the yard mowed by 11:25, (had some trouble with the mower) and took the first picture. Finished up at 7:25 this evening. Took time out for lunch, a couple of runs to Lowe's, a nap for the wife and plenty of water breaks. The kids spent the night at...
  13. Static: What to do with this garbage day find?

    Halloween Props
    Griffin defintely looks very cool. great find.
  14. Prop Showcase: Dumpster find "Candy Dispenser" Guillotine finished today.

    Halloween Props
    That looks great ahighto. Looks ready made for a guillotine.
  15. Static: I'm building a TARDIS.

    Halloween Props
    So glad you decided to build a Tardis for your cat. I had never seen this thread some how. Awesome work Evil Bob. Just looked through the thread and saw your link for TARDIS Builders. Wow, who knew their non halloween fantics. Again great work and congrats on the Ryobi win.