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  • bethene ·
    Oh, I adore that area, when we camped we always went to Muskegon state park, were actually hosts there! I am a bit south east of there , Jenison is sorta a suburb of Grand Rapids, but close enough to easily get to Lake Michigan!
    bethene ·
    hi, just caught your post on the cider, etc. what a fabulous memory, I am in Michigan so I totally relate to the burning leaves smell,,, it brings back childhood and toting ,,, we never had a lady that did anything that cool, but we did have a house with a big wrought iron fence around it, and we were all scared of it, your story made me remember that, thank you for that,,
    MHooch ·
    Yep! Hogwart's school motto. Nunquam means 'never', so it translates as 'Never tickle a sleeping dragon'. Of course, titillandus is one of JKR's made-up words, not really Latin at all. Clever boy, you are!
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