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  • tamster ·
    for years myself went to different parties or events, but there was always something missing for me whenever I did go. What started with me just a few theme cheap props and a daughter who is a graphic designer I planned my own parties. Instead of having people come to sit drink and be merry, I had made it more interesting and interactive especially for those who never met. So I began getting them involved in simple games and also had my daughter make me a dvd similar to Scene it game except it involved in horror movies and shows. We did that for a few years until I made up murder mysteries with a twists. Over the years I collected or made props that spread out my entire house soon people told their friends it became fun. I have also done halloween themes for other people homes having the satisfaction they enjoyed the show or game or all the decorations, I still hear them talk about it. It's a nice feeling, yet alot of work. This year for the first time I will be shipping my entire stuff to another home, this is going to take a huge truck to package it. I try every year to work on one prop or two that my hubby shakes his head sometime 'cause I start in Apr .

    I am working on another murder mystery as requested called "The Seance" ...the theme will be out in a pavillion.. I will be decorating that with a two way mirror having the spirit actors appear behind it with fog and lights...she wants her whole house ghouled up as well as outside, wish me luck!
    slash ·
    wow you sure sound busy being a teacher and all... I am doing fine thanks for asking just getting ready for summer the days go by so fast Halloween will be here again. I am just thinking about Halloween 2011 and making some props and buying some on ebay I got some great deals there which surprised me since we are in May. This year will be clowns I am making new props out of pvc pipe, chicken wire, etc...
    alucard ·
    I do what I can for the ToTs. Not a lot of activity in my area, but I absolutely love creepin' out the yard each year. Someone's got to keep the spirit alive! Talk to ya soon.
    Hallomarine ·
    T/S something came up and I won't be able to work on this until later. I'll let you know when I can. Thank you so much, HM
    Hallomarine ·
    WOW! Almost 12000 posts, where do you find the time? Hi TS! Thanks for the Holiday Cheer on the 13th. One of my favorite Holidays, and it come twice a year sometimes. I love watch to people waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    I need your help with something. I actually have pictures I want to put in my albums, and post as a tutorial. I have no clue as to what to do. I know you recently learned how to do this, and wondered if it was from a post, personal help, or what. Whatever help you can give, whenever you can do it. Thanks, HM
    GiggleFairy ·
    Oh thanks for lighting the candles! Pixie's surgery went well today. I couldn't ask for more. Obviously she had ear pain, but that is to be expected. She ate like a freaking pig today, and when she wasn't eating she was sleeping. Good spirits overall. :D Between she and I, I'm totally exhausted as of late.
    offmymeds ·
    Thanks, when i get time I'm going to mess with all that cause i really want to add an album and post pics from garage sales and stuff!

    Thanks again!!
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