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  • 22606 ·
    Happy New Year. Unfortunately, I couldn't see what you left at my profile (all I got is an empty space, as has been happening a bit lately, it seems).
    Hallomarine ·
    though it makes no nevermind to me, i was curious as to what gender you are. your Avatar gives nothing away, nor have your comments up until the one about your ex. even now i'm still not quite sure - however, I applaud your decision not to marry him.
    call me old-fashioned. HM
    Gatordave ·
    Great Avatar. There is a lot going on in this site. I still find new places to look. Everyone is very helpful. I am pretty new at this haunting and people are quick to offer suggestions and links etc. Gald to have you.
    chop shop ·
    Hello! This can be an interesting place to spend some time, especially if you can appreciate spooky stuff. You might even pick up a few skills. If you have some to share, dont be shy about it!
    norwayreaper ·
    Hello TheShadows

    Seen that you just joined. Welcome to the forum. You're going to like it here. Lots of good things, and lots of great people. Hope to see you around here in the forum, and hope to talk to you now and then. Have a good one. :)
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