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  • just_Tim ·
    hey bro long time no talk ! have not been on here for a while ! lets keep in touch ! hey do you have facebook ? I am on there pretty much weekly. But yeah man we need to hangout soon ! I still ! have not moved lol we are still looking a lot though ! now maybe 29 palms which is still close enough to hangout !. My sister and her family are now moved out here, they live in Joshua Tree. As far as work same stuff, lol not great but pays the bills. I also sell on ebay for some income. Hey I bought my first 2 Halloween 2015 props ! I will show you a pic in a few. Girlfriend naw still single lol. girls are to picky for me I guess lol !!!!. But yeah man lets for sure try to make some plans soon ! I know you are not much into the store bought props but it would still be cool to go to some stores to check Halloween stuff out once they get going. Ok bro hope all is great ! and talk to you soon !

    just_Tim ·
    hey bro long time no talk hope all is good ! getting closer to the season !!! is that nuts ! we were talking like in Nov ? and Now its mid May lol! crazy how time goes fast. Can not wait until Sept/Oct we need to hangout during the season I am still in Yucca ok ttyl
    jdubbya ·
    Thanks! We had lot of fun with that theme and put a ton of detail into it. A lot of it probably went un-noticed but it really added to the overall atmosphere.
    punkineater ·
    Well, your foam wasn't pink colored, but 'pink' or 'blue' extruded polystyrene foam looking. It isn't the texture of the white 4x8 insulation panels offered at HD or Lowe's, expanded polystyrene(that has those annoying little beads).
    I guess my question is, where did you buy the foam that you are making the pentagram out of?
    punkineater ·
    Hey tnf...where are you finding 'pink' foam at-do you have it in Yucca Valley??? All I can find up here is the beaded stuff:( Two other members gave me a lead on the pink stuff down in Corona, but who wants to drive that far.
    fleamailman ·
    ("...I'm fine in myself..." replied the goblin who lived in switzerland and who thought now that perhaps he might be talking to the wrong person about current events on the global stage now, smiling "...my fault, a rough patch it is indeed but it's not on a personal level, this is global and imminent too, perhaps I should have explained before that easiest way to hide a debt is to borrow money, meaning that the way governments or banks or other financial institutions hide their debt is by borrowing money too, no those massive debts are well known, but what if instead of borrowing money outright one simply swapped one's debt with someone else's debt so that it didn't look like a debt between them, those mutual currency swaps in effect, at its simplest it deceives the creditors that the bank's balance sheet looks rosier than it should because here was money out of nowhere then...", in fact, as far as european debt was concerned most countries of the weaker southern EU nations had done precisely this in order to either gain EU membership or to remain in the EU afterwards, meaning that germany being the head of EU most probably didn't know of this deception here, no points for guessing which bank did most of that lending, yes deutschebank again, but add to this that to avoid american regulations and regulators most american banks have the derivatives held for them in deutschebank too, at which point the goblin just went "...no, I'm fine in myself I repeat, but once one knows what is afoot, that a bank is likely to collapse taking down all the big american banks in the process, one sees why 2015 is going to be a hard year...", but no, the goblin was only trying to befriend someone who had reached out him with a little conjecture that might make the news when it unfolds soon enough a little more understandable)
    fleamailman ·
    ("...it all goes well human if I may be so bold as to call you one now..." replied the goblin who imagined he would be here only a while longer, before adding "...you'll have to be brave now, for the times are not what they were before as the dedollarfication of global markets continues apace, odd because the dollar is appreciating in value, yet the world economies and currencies are together like one runaway train where the dollar looks like the last carriage there, thus everyone is moving to the back to the train, something that only underlines the fear they must have about where the train is heading, but where to keep one's eye upon is the forthcoming battle between the bundesbank who are supposed to run germany to germany's interests and deutschebank where most of the world's derivatives are at present held, and yet who doesn't know that the derivatives market is like a ticking time bomb whose cost should it explode is something that the german government itself would be both unwilling and unlikely to foot, plus the new law that makes bank deposits bank assets now, plus the other new law that makes taxpayer responsible for defaulting banks again, no, there's nothing left to stop the banks from stepping on the peddle to crash so to speak...", yet the goblin didn't even know why he was on the forum still, only that it had a dark background and that there had been one poster alone who had it in him to say hello like he had, smiling "...a feather in your cap for showing that kindness that you did there, ah yes many haunters here perhaps but for me there only one true american amongst them...")
    Haywood ·
    Stockton is actually in central California...sorry I didnt see this sooner. I've actually been tinkering with more props and ideas for new ones to start. That and these other holidays that arent Halloween are taking up my time...lol.

    Anyways, thanks for checking out my stuff, I finally posted better pictures of my stuff. If I dont hear from you have a Happy Holliday.
    fleamailman ·
    ("...well no, I'm just your average everyday sort of goblin I suppose..." replied the goblin who lived in geneva across the pond where everybody's money seemed to be, and who had married the captain whose sheer command of household chores from her ever so mind elsewhere goblin was actually a sight to behold if not to experience, and where both children still lived in too, not that they were children anymore, even if their parents remained parents that is, adding "...naah, I could put on airs, but in effect I'm just another poster like your good self...", in fact, his readership did run into thousands across forumland already, many thousands even, but what of it, readership was old hat to him, and quite useless to anyone anonymous now, confiding "...naah, readership should never be your goal on forumland here, so what then should be your goal I wonder, how about your replyship instead, for replies are all I ever get out of this, don't I now...", but somehow everyone knew that goblins were not to be trusted with words)
    fleamailman ·
    ("...well, my first reaction was to confide the truth of it all, that it was just some space under a bridge even though it's quite spacious and rather well aerated too, though no, in truth I was invited here from the writer's forum to write..." confided the goblin hoping that thenightmarefamily was not too disappointed, adding "...naah the trouble is that I imagine I don't meet their expectations of what a writer should be here, no they wanted some sort of real jedi where if anything I kind of resemble yoda instead...", at which the goblin just looked back at thenightmarefamily and confided "...so why is the raven like the writing desk, is it not because they both devour their authors in their own ways, btw thanks for posting on my thread, very brave of you too...")
    grumpy granpa ·
    Hi there. No, i don't do anything at all (as of yet). But i have bought a few large spiders (trying to find a way to make them move over the window for effect). And i am chasing up some wiper motors (we cannot get reindeer motors in the uk). Our houses are so much smaller than yours and our gardens are to. I would love to do a fgc but i don't have the room, but i have a few ideas to surprise the neighbours and my grandkids. Do you do walk through etc? Do you make your own props? Uk sucks for halloween compared to u.s.a. Cheers
    Muffy ·
    You are welcome to any ideas you can use. We had put up a gypsy tent in 2012 with all kinds of stuff. I call that graduation when a small scene has enough props to graduate into a room or as we are doing now pop-up tents. But that year Hurricane Sandy blew the tent away, We had taken most things out of it but I did lose my beautiful crystal chandelier. 2013 we still did not put the gypsy tent up & then this year we did not open our haunt. So it looks like 2015 will be the next time the full gypsy tent will make an appearance. I just keep picking up things here & there to fill it.
    weeping angel ·
    Hey TNF! I saw that you were wondering about the cost of projections. The biggest expense is the projector, but some have found good deals on ebay. I just found this thread from Halloween Animator that provides great links to the different people who sell projections.

    (message saying url not allowed? So weird! Let me try giving part of it and maybe you can type it in?

    We have Hallowindow, singing pumpkins from both The Pumpkin King and Window Creeps, Scaremation's Haunted Parlour 2, AtmosFearFX's Ghostly Apparitions/Bone Chillers/Pumpkin Jamboree, and Mr. Chicken's Sybil the Clairvoyant. We have so far only projected onto a sheet/curtain in the windows because we are kind of reluctant to use expensive electronics outside. The kids really get a kick out of the singing pumpkins, they are always a favorite.
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