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  • WitchyKitty ·
    Hiya!! How are things with you guys? I hope well!!
    Well, my wrist/hand are better then they were, which is good, but they still hurt. I'm pretty sure it's just something I will always have to deal with off and on. I would be happy if it would, at least, go back to how it was feeling earlier this year, which was much more manageable. :eek:
    scareme ·
    Just stopped in to say "hi". You weren't home. I might be back again, and then again I might not be. I'm mysterious that way. So long.
    Terra ·
    Ha, ha, I never got them because me and high heels now disagree on what the word 'comfortable' means. But, I was looking pretty hard at the flats, lol!
    Pumpkin5 ·
    :D I bought the contacts online at Lens.com, they were great to deal with. If you order from them, when you fill out the form, just say it's just for 'cosmetic' purposes and they will send them to you without a prescription. I could only get one contact in on Halloween night...I still have a terrible time getting them in my eyes. Usually I beg my niece to help me, she can pop them in like that! (I snapped my fingers...I know that is hard to hear from way over there, but trust me...there was snapping going on.):D
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