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    Guys, can we just stop for a moment and think about how great HG (TheHalloweenGuru) is? Everything he says is on par with the words of Socrates And Confucius, his looks are so stunning that he blinds people, or people bind themselves because life with his presence is just too beautiful. The contributions he has selflessly blessed this forum with is not only what has brought world peace, but will be archived by NASA and sent out into the universe, hopefully to be found by other intelligence. But of course nothing could be as intelligent as HG. Did you know he has single handedly cured cancer? I bet you didn't. Did you knew he ended the Great Depression? I bet you didn't. Remember that one time you were happy, and that's about it, you were just happy? That's because of HG. His very profile pic has even saved lives. The shape of that pumpkin is the exact shape that needs to be repurposed in biomimicry to make a indoor garden that softens the greenhouse effect and it's blow to the environment. This man will never die, since it's likely he'll find the secret to immortality. But in case he gives it to a lost kitten instead (since he's that nice) his words and impact on the world will live on forever
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