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  • hallorenescene ·
    thanks for checking out my album. hey, we've used the pool noodle idea in another theme, and will probably use it again, but never thought of black lights, i like that suggestion. thanks
    Bryan316 ·
    Thank you kindly! The cemetery gates and MUCH BETTER fog chiller are the current projects, and we're starting early!
    Breaker Mahoney ·
    It is a basic PVC stand. These sway a lot in the wind. The photo you attached was how i made them last year. using 2" pink board for the torso (two pieces glued together with the spine and shoulders on the inside with mattress form attached on top of it to form the chest muscle. Pool noodles are used for the main limb thickness. The black pipe insulation wrapped around it using electrical tape forms the muscles.
    Breaker Mahoney ·
    Hows it going.
    I build all my frames out of 1/2"PVC. I know a lot of the prop builders here use 3/4."
    But I like to use metal conduit up to the waist connection. If it is for your own haunt you can just pound two five foot sections the ground with a sledge until its about waist high and your statues are never falling down. If you want more action in you frame, or it needs to be portable, you can use a rig like this and stake it in the front and back with garden staples. If you have any more questions on construction. message me anytime.

    Terra ·
    You're welcome. Get ready for some math and puzzle solving... have fun :D
    Ping me with any questions you run into if you want.
    Terra ·
    Did I say I used 3"? (Need to fix that). It was actually 2" black PVC pipe I used. I wanted to use 3" pipe but saw that price difference too and so went to the 2". Glad I did, looked great made in the 2".
    JohnnyAppleseed ·
    TGCT, glad that my column build could be of assistance. The columns are approx 28" on each side. You may be able to pull off the taller columns with the 3 sheets, I'm trying to remember how much scrap I had from each sheet. If it were a little short (I mapped out the cuts required on each sheet prior to actually cutting) you could always use larger trim pieces at the base and top to cover any gaps. In my albums there are pics of some columns I built for a local charity haunted house usingthe frame set-up from my main build, but I used extruded foam sheets to sheath and create the trim. Much lighter, so if used outdoors would require anchoring, but another option that you could consider.

    Good luck, I look forward to seeing your finished project!
    Marie Roget ·
    Creativity can make Halloween decorating go a long way on a small budget- hang in there. My home haunt philosophy (if you can call it that) has always been if we're enjoying it & think it looks good, it is good!
    You'll get lots of ideas/encouragement here on HF, but you probably already know that! Happy Haunting!
    Marie Roget ·
    Had a look at your "About Me" & can I say that (as you may already be aware), Jerry Chavez of Haunted House Halloween Handbook fame got his start at about the same age as a lone teen haunter/prop builder.

    Starting yard haunting early on is the way to go- maybe post some pics of yr. efforts, if you feel so inclined.
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