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  • thededmatter ·
    ok, for whatever reason, I cannot get back into my new album. Only one picture loaded and it keeps going back to 'recently updated albums" with my albums on the other side of the page. Will have to try again later. ugh.
    thededmatter ·
    Holy Cow! I have been away FOREVER! Face Book has taken over I suppose and most posts go there. So we still continue to haunt our house in our village.
    Had to move the Preschool - that was quite the task! Never again, now we are in the midst of developing and constructing a new playground. THAT has been a year in a half in the making! Once in and approved, I think it's time to get out! So it has been EXCEPTIONALLY busy for me.

    Has anyone done just strictly an all dark haunt with scaracters scattered here and there? If so, how'd it turn out?? That's what I'm thinking, but other family members are unsure.

    So we've done - Hillbilly Swamp was 2013, Haunted Hospital in 2014, Face your Fears last year. Gotta update some pics. ;D

    Spirit Halloween is back in Kingston - yay! My first purchase this year was the Home Depot Window FX Animations. Haven't tested it for night lighting yet.

    Have been posting on the FB page of Canadian Haunters Association as well....see some of my stuff there to. My alias is Cherilyn Eves. ;D

    Still popping to cemeteries for pics too. Hope everyone else is well! Happy Haunting time!!
    ihauntu ·
    i would save your time and money wanting to go to the Canadian haunters convention It has had little success, I heard last year they maybe had 100 people go to the event . if you are expecting a big show like you see in the states you will be dissapointed . and if you look at the facebook photos or search anything about the convention nothing much shows up . I have not heard anything positive about this event
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey, I took a look at your photos! Your haunt is HUGE! I can't believe you get all that done! Great job on the makeup and the props. I'd never be able to fill that much space without things looking lame. People must love it!
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey thededmatter! Yeah Prague was awesome. We didn't go in the Horror Bar - we knew nothing about it and in real life are quite the chickens. And with the language barrier, we thought better safe than sorry.

    The weird wall is artificial and is in the garden of Wallenstein Castle. Here's a video of it - it's called the drip wall, it's got all kinds of little faces hidden in it. (I had forgotten all this stuff but my wife is a walking encyclopedia)
    As for the Ouija board, mine didn't come out quite right, but I think DaveintheGrave has a couple great tutorials on them (if you find his account, click on his "find latest started threads" and he's got all kinds of great ideas.) If you have problems finding the info, let me know and I'll track it down for you.

    And you should be able to find the candle tutorials here - look up "PVC Candles". I simplified it quite a bit, but it worked well, and they seem to grab a ton of attention for something so simple.

    We found the Haunted Mansion record book at a local antique store for a couple bucks. The record is pretty scratched and the last page has crayon all over it (I think that's what 6 year-olds do) but it's fun to have.

    Just discovered someone has matched the book with the record and made a video for youtube.
    There's actually a couple different versions there. We love the Haunted Mansion! I had the old board game when I was little - it kills me that we don't have it anymore.

    Anyway, thanks for the nice comments. :) And a very very late happy birthday! My wife is anxious to get out the door today, but I'll come back and check out your latest photos.
    thededmatter ·
    Holy cow! Busy time since July...and going to Scarefest! Keeping a nonprofit daycare stable and not succumb to full day learning here in Ontario and close due to lack of children...but we are good! Enrollment up, our lay off is back to full time, some raises were given, and now the busyness of year end 'stuff' is done, time to update. Tried to get family to have a Haunted Christmas, but again a resounding NO! was blasted at me! Oh, well. Best birthday gift on Dec 20th was a portrait of myself.....ZOMBIFIED!!! Awesome! Must post that also! Oh yes, must post new tattoos done in June/13! 3 little bats representing my kids. Now ....what to do for the husband?! Hope u enjoy the pics of 2013 Halloween Highlights.
    BillyBones ·
    Hi, sorry to take so long in replying haven't been around for awhile. About the village it changes depending on what, or how many new pieces I buy :) We used to have the village on all the time but not anymore, too noisey and now the motors are louder than the creepy sounds :( Cheers
    thededmatter ·
    As I also posted on the CHAC FB page, we were unable to make it to the Convention this year. First $$ for new braces for the daughter, but if we were booked to go we would have had to cancel as we had large branches in our roof and speared into the living room. Luckily the kids weren't in there when they came crashing thru! So needless to say our weekend was spent patching from the rain dripping in and dealing with insurance and the fellows that came out to help. Looking at the photos of CHAC FB page, the vendors were pretty cool this year. Hopefully Scarefest in July!
    thededmatter ·
    Anyone heading to the Haunters Convention next weekend in Hamilton? Doin' some flip flopin here, but gotta make up our minds soon and would have to book asap!
    osenator ·
    I am still waiying to be paid. I'll do a vid and post the few pics I took after I get paid. More than 1000 people went. I will not be surprise they do it next year again, but not with us, ever!
    osenator ·
    About the alka selser tip, sadly the effects don't last too long, but if you spread some around, and only wet a small part a a time, then, it might last. Also, make sure you just wet it little bit, as little just to start the fiz, so, it don't run down.
    thededmatter ·
    Back again! I hope everyone's Halloween went well! The weather held off for us and the night was successful! Less turn out than last year, but successful! Will blog about the storyline soon. Let me know friends, how your night went!
    thededmatter ·
    My new profile pic....finally. This is my first tattoo I had done in June of this year! It was an early birthday gift to myself after years of thinking, and thinking and looking and looking for that perfect one!! The one that says....
    "That's it! That's the one! That says me all over it!"
    thededmatter ·
    BOILS AND GHOULS!!! I have found a light/sound show machine!!!!! YAAAAYYY! We found it in Kingston, at Audrey's Costume House....the last one on the shelf!!!! It's called the "HALLOWEEN LIGHTSHOW" by gemmy.com. Gemmy Industries Corp, Coppell, Texas. It comes programmed with 4 songs already, built in timer, speakers, and you connect up to 6 strands of lights (more if you get a multi-plug unit). It is mp3/ipod compatible! We tried it out tonight...of course!......and LOVE IT!!! IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS AT HALLOWEEN!!
    (Spirit Halloween came back to Kingston this year...nothing....but I love their animated 'girl eating a brain', she lunges at you, eats and giggles.) The Lightshow is the biggest investment this year. But as the little items are purchased...it'll add up, plus more storage totes!!!
    osenator ·
    Sadly, not really, apart from thoses musical Christmas light controler thing, I seen at Lowes. I almost bought one last yeaer, at 60$ on clearance at Lowes. Maybe on the net, you can find a How to?
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