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  • ooojen ·
    I want to make sure I got it right-- You're my reaper? If not, disregard ;) but if so -- Thank You So Much! Such a lot of wonderful, perfect stuff! As I said on the picture thread, I appreciate the generosity and the work that went into my reap!
    amyml ·
    Queen Mama is so happy you liked everything. She was so excited to pick out things for you and had a lot of fun. By the way, I'm filling in for Queen of Spades right now. She would like to say you're very welcome too, but she's really busy with work right now.

    Happy Halloween! :D
    Spookybella977 ·
    Thanks Walking dead, I'm glad you liked the stuff I sent my victim! Have you gotten reaped yet? I've been trying to catch up on the thread!
    The Red Hallows ·
    Hi Baby, I just finished Walking Dead Season 3! Maybe when you're 16, we'll let you watch it, but until then... it was good. Oh, Walgreens is supposed to have a ton of NBC products....:)
    norwayreaper ·
    Hello The Walking Dead

    Seen that you just recently joined. Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you around here in the forum, and hope to talk now and then. Have a good one. :)
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