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  • Hilda ·
    My darling.
    I may be bonkers. But I am not seeing a photo of an eyeball plant.
    Could you recheck your post and tell me if I am missing it?
    Hilda ·
    HeyHeyHey!! So delightful to hear from you!!
    I'm glad you have been having decent weather! Now get ta building! haha
    I'm slowly going room by room haunting up my inn. Finishing all the stuff I didn't get done the past two years. LOL
    Hilda ·
    Hello. Hello. Hello!
    Just swinging by on my broom to see if you have started checking in yet this year. :)
    Hilda ·
    Ahhhhhh So you are off again. sniff sniff Check in once in a while. ;) :D haha
    Wanted to stop by and tell you I posted photos of my first attempt at the indoor haunted theme. (Wish I took better photos. I missed a lot of my favorite stuff in the kitchen!)
    Wish you wonderful holidays!!!! Look forward to hearing from you now and again. Hugs.
    Paint It Black ·
    Thank you for the friend request. By the way, we did a carnevil theme in 2013, if you want to check my photo album. You will love doing this theme. Well, I love every theme, but this one was really colorful and fun!
    Hilda ·
    OH and BTW... You made my day!!!!!!!!! Thank you. Thank you. THANKYOU!
    What a glorious surprise.
    Hilda ·
    Same with me. Slowly but surely. It takes several weeks to set up the outside. So many trips to storage unit. Also each year I get slower and can only do a little bit with long breaks in between. It's coming along. So far just working on the outside. The inside is a total disaster. We've been remodeling too and I thought it was going to be long done by now. It isn't. So I am TRYING not to panic. I guess we will get as much done as we can. I am mutually excited and overwhelmed at the same time. LOL
    6-paq ·
    That great! Aren't those new minifigures cool!! We collect the minifigures so were pretty excited to see this new series theme. Halloween + Lego! I have a set here, but haven't put them together yet. Which ones do you have?
    Hilda ·
    So, how is it going?
    Have you started? Any photos? Throw me a bone! haha
    We started this week. Hubby and I were putting the stuff up on the house today. I am so tired I am seeing double.
    Thinking of you. Check in and let me know what you are up to! :)
    6-paq ·
    Aww... thanks for your message!! It's nice to see another mom that appreciates Legos and MF as much as I do! :D I can totally understand your pain about the MF Haunted House. It's my favorite build and IMO one of the best designed sets. There are many other expert Creator sets that I wished I hadn't dragged on purchasing... those sets are just unobtainable now. It is unreal how the prices have exploded. I'm guess you have the Series 14 Minifigures? I always skip hunting them in stores and buy a complete set on ebay. It's a bit more in price, but I figure that I make it up by not having to drive and hunt all over for the blind packages. The prices of the complete sets on ebay is just going through the roof!! Glad that your family enjoys Lego! My family likes a few here and there, but overall, they think I'm nuts! Have a wonderful day and thanks again for your kind note! :D
    WitchyKitty ·
    I think you meant this message for "moonwitchkitty"...she is the one who has the missing box for her victim. (yeah, our forum names are similar, lol, if I had known when I signed up, I'd have changed mine a little :D ) I think she wrote that she didn't decorate that one, but is decorating the new box with spiders on it...but I could be mistaken.
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