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  • Paulaween ·
    HI and thanks for the welcome, I know your name form somewhere. HalloweenL maybe? Anyways thanks again. Im from Port Huron.
    scarecrow207 ·
    Thank you for the warm welcome. I took a peek at your album and besides work it appears that we also have a lot in common when it comes to Halloween. I spend most of my time over at Haunt Forum under the name scarecrow. but thought I would jump over for a bit and see whats going on. thanks again for the welcome.
    bamtunebam ·
    Thank you for your kind remarks on my pillars. I have been putting together HH's for years and come to realize I'm not happy with a prop if it looks fake, so I bite the bullet and try and make it the best I can.
    Gym Whourlfeld ·
    You can see more of my creations by looking at our website: hauntedravensgrin.com
    We are located in Mount Carrol, Illinois the northwestern corner of the state, just 10 miles from the old Miss. River.-2 1/2 hours due west from Chicago.
    Terra ·
    Well, thank you. I guess designing is my favorite part of Halloween. I'm already excited about picking next year's them. Right now, I have no idea...which makes it great. A clean slate :)
    Skullie ·
    You did one great job on Halloween 2009. I am running behind on decor this year. I don't know why. perhaps the heat here.
    thathalloweenguy ·
    Sorry for the delay on the renewed album. I was searching all morning for old pics. My computer crashed earlier this year and I have a mess whenever I try to find anything older than the crash. Bear with me! I will get enough enthusiasm to proceed soon and to finish a couple of tuts I promised.
    LairMistress ·
    Thanks for adding me, and for the compliments too! I can't wait to see what you add, I will definitely come back to check. Love what you have so far! I hope that the little guy keeps up the tradition. I guess if he doesn't, he can fund my retirement home by selling my Halloween collection, right? :D
    Skullie ·
    Most of the altered pics were sent to me by Herman. I downloaded some from the internet. I inserted all into word and added some frame work and color. Herman had a huge collectiion. He zipped them us and E ed them to me. I had to add more pages to acomidate all that he sent.
    cerinad ·
    Yeah, my work has slowed down as well. I'm still working just not as much. Thanks for accepting my friendship request. Happy Haunting!
    Forum User ·
    Couldnt agree more with you refering to the classic Halloween vs. the gore side in that thread. I love your haunt keep up the great work.
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow thg!! Appreciate your stopping in to say "Hallow" on my page! As for a skelly horse - I would love to do one (I have seen on eon HF and it is awesome!) but our front yard would start to look like a horse coral I fear -- since we have a "real" one that carries our headless horseman through the scene. I guess we can imagine that the horse was taken over by Mr. Headless after he unhitched it from the hearse!! LOL I'll be taking pics again this year and will post a few if they turn out. Happy prop-building for 2010! BOO!
    thathalloweenguy ·
    Yes people, I will soon be installing album/s, avatars and a white light picture of one truly old and ugly halloweenguy. You will just have to wait!!
    thathalloweenguy ·
    Thanks Creepy! Don't get too carried away with the 30 years thing. That is just longevity not greatness. Our fame here lives only as long as the newest article on the front page of the paper. A week later no one remembers your name. It all has to be just for you not them. Something is only a legend if people have heard about it and remember it. We will never be a legend. The gas is about gone from the tank. You however, Still have time to find your rightful place on the map. The wonderful help you find in these pages show the way. All one has to do is have an imagination!! I dream more now than ever before in my life. I love to just walk through what I have created and soak it all up. Only then can I be part of my dream, and when other people enter, my make-believe world comes alive. I love Halloween!
    creepyhomemaker ·
    I was reading your post on the Giving It Up thread and I am so impressed. 30 years !! How awesome it must be for the people who came to your house as children to come back and bring their children. I would give anything to be able to go back and visit the houses at Halloween that went the extra mile to make it great. Good luck and hang in there, you're a local legend!!
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