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  1. 2018 Trick or Treators count

    General Halloween
    I had 7...….seriously considering stopping. I have decorated since 1994..... Only house for blocks that was handing out candy. Really depressing.
  2. Total Trick or Treator counts!

    General Halloween
    We only had 4! Being in the middle of the week and the cold weather probably hurt us. Last year we had about 30 or so. I didn't build anything new this year due to recovering from my stroke. Next year will hopefully be better.
  3. Dealing With Disappointment

    General Halloween
    Well this year is disappointing for me. I had a stroke in August of this year.....YAY!!!!! Exactly what I need right before my favorite holiday. :mad: But I am better now. I can walk, talk, and eat so I should be grateful, which I am. Next year will be awesome, because I am pulling out...
  4. Let's talk.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Well folks, I have some big news, and not the good kind. I had a cerebellar stroke on Aug. 11th. I am currently on the rehab unit at the hospital where I work!!!! They plan on letting me go home on Sept. 5th. When I can go back to working fulltime?????? My speech is back tonormal...
  5. How many TOTers did you get?

    General Halloween
    We had about 18. About half as many as last year. I think being Monday hurt the numbers a lot. The weather was great. Upper 60s, dry and just a slight wind.
  6. Happy 10th (and FINAL!) Anniversary to the Cheverly Hillbillies!

    General Halloween
    Great job on the haunt! Looks awesome. I'm sure your next theme will be just as great.
  7. Happy Halloween Everyone

    General Halloween
    Happy Halloween!!!!
  8. Mechanical: Seven props with one wiper motor

    Halloween Props
    That is a very cool idea!
  9. When are you "Too Old" for Trick of Treat?

    General Halloween
    If they have a bag for the candy, they get some! I don't really care too much. I hope that the teens and older remember the nice guy that had the cool Halloween decorations and gave out candy and maybe in the future they would do the same. I think a little goodwill goes a long way and makes...
  10. 5 weeks from tonight! Are you going to be ready?

    General Halloween
    I haven't even started decorating yet. I highly doubt if there will be any new additions this year...time and money are running short! But I don't have to make anything new.
  11. What did you find/buy today?

    General Halloween
    I got this rolling instrument tray at the Goodwill last week for $15.
  12. 2014 Lab

    General Halloween
    Looks great! I was going to do a lab scene on the porch this year, but time got away from me.
  13. What I Learned - 2015

    General Halloween
    I do an annual craftshow with the wife and my parents in the middle of October. I usually am scrambling to finish craft items and try to complete new Halloween projects. No more! I am bound and determined to finish the craftshow stuff in the early spring. Get all that done and be able to...
  14. Let's talk.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    This year hasn't been very good to me and my family. We lost my wife's mom on March 10th of this year after only 3 weeks from the day they diagnosed her with stage IV pancreatic cancer. I had to have my gallbladder taken out the last week of July. The daughter surprised us about 2 weeks ago...
  15. How many TOTers did you get?

    General Halloween
    We had around 20 or so. The weather was decent enough don't know where are all the kids are going though. The outlet mall wasn't handing out candy this year for the first time in a long while.