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  • cbonz2002 ·
    How are you doing? Still up for a get together and maybe some prop building? I am in Marysville so not too far away. Are you the guy who does such a good job on the caskets? I have been busy getting my workroom fixed and have already started fixing stuff that didn't work last year.
    Let me know what you think! CJ
    TK421 ·
    I'm still setting up this year and feel really behind. Work has been very busy and every weekend seems to be scheduled by school or family. I've got a lot set up, but I still feel like I
    'm only 60% done. I have props I'm still building, painting, etc.

    My goal is to have absolutely everything set up by Friday, but we'll see what happens.

    As for the tatoo, nothing yet. I've designed one or two for friends, but haven't had the time to design (or sketch out) what I'm hoping to get. After that, I need to do the research and find a good artist who has strong color and good use of shadow.
    Guest ·
    thank you for the compliments on granny! :)
    can't wait to see your rocking granny! I need to learn how to use a wiper motor; the massager moves it, but barely. Have to put it on my 'to- do' list for next year. lol
    Hope all is well up your way. take care. :) Cathy
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow tekor1! Just stopping by to say "BOO!" and give you a squeeze for the smiles this morning! Where's your pics? Would love to see what you are working on. I've dreamed of a pepper's ghost too. We have a Flying Crank Ghost - it is always a big hit, and I think a pepper's one would be so great inside a crypt scene. . .
    As for me -- if I start a prop in January - it just MIGHT be done by October! Cheers and see you on HF!
    tekcor1 ·
    For some reason I'm not getting notification when I have messages, and right now I'm only logging on periodically because I was in full Christmas mode. I'd be up for a locals get together though! Email me with any info and let me know if there's anything I can do to help plan! I'm hoping to put together a peppers ghost for this Halloween and I'd love some insight on it since you've done one.
    litemareb4xmas ·
    I'm thinking we need to round up all the locals sometime soon, say for lunch and throw some idea's out. This will be my last haunt for this area, will probably have the moving trucks in the yard day after. Gotta go out with a big bang!
    litemareb4xmas ·
    Stopped by on the way back from Leavenworth tonight and checked out your show, looks great!
    At first I was thinking it was only 16 channels and I was scratching my head wondering how the hell!
    litemareb4xmas ·
    heading your way today, will drop the dvd at your door if you're not home, byw, can you loan or mak a copy of hallowindow 3 for me?
    litemareb4xmas ·
    Not sure when I'll be that way, but if you want to run over here I have a lot of xmas, I'm having to rework a lot since I added 16 more channels from last year, doing a mega tree too, still scratching my head on exactly how to build one cheaply, anyways give me a heads up and I'll burn a disc, also been borrowing syncs from places on the net and have found some songs with arches, mega trees, look for syncs with a lot of channels, usually those guys have a lot of stuff like that. lor sequences.com is a joke, hardly anything any good on there.
    I have a ton of music too.
    TK421 ·
    I was actually going to start taking stuff down on Sunday -- when I could get some help from friends. (Just found out I might be flying down to L.A. for two weeks for work, so I really need to take everything down before I leave, or it will be up through mid-November!!)
    JohnnyAppleseed ·
    tekcor1, slight change in plans today, oldest is sick and we have an appointment at 9:10 a.m., the outcome will set my sked for the day, hope to slide by your way still...I'll let you know.
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