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  1. Anyone else think this is crossing the line a little?

    General Halloween
    If someone showed up at my party dressed as that baby murderer, there would be a huge issue and a black eye to the person wearing the mask.
  2. Halloween Adult Games for large groups

    Member Introduction
    Tempt your Fate game has been a hit at all my parties!!! Also the Game of Favors. There''s been other threads on this site with instructions, but if you need help, please feel ffree to PM me
  3. Bag of Bones - What do you do with them?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I found bags of bones at Walmart for $9.97this year. So far we've used most of the bones as a groundbreaker (with a 2x3 as the spine & sharkbite pvc pipe for ribs). I also sprinkle or stack tthem in the graveyard, and on the owl table (a creepy looking Native American alter type thing that I...
  4. Other: EASY realistic eyeballs... the bakeable kind

    Halloween Props
    Found an easy reciepe for realistic eyeballs that you can use in your corpsed Bucky (or a jar on a shelf) Combine: 1 part salt 1 part flour add water to form a dough roll into desired size balls Bake at 300 degrees until golden brown paint with desired iris color spray with varnish sit back...
  5. 9 Gates of Hell Theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Great idea! Thank you Psox16
  6. Burned/charred body

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I love it! This will be perfect for my 9 Gates of Hell theme this year!
  7. 9 Gates of Hell Theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So this year we are going to have a 9 Gates of Hell Theme. Grey rocks, red lighting, scene setters with rocks on them and oodles and oodles of creatures lurking in every corner. I saw the post on how to make hot coals, definitely going to play with that idea!!! Such geniuses we have on this...
  8. Boy have I missed out...now I'm overwhelmed!

    General Halloween
    I totally feel ya! I have been swamped with so much stuff this year that I haven't been on in about as long as you and I missed the Reaper too this year. :(
  9. Likes and DIslikes Thread for 2013 Secret Reaper

    General Halloween
    I haven't been on in forever! Here's my list... LIKES: * Scary props! I love monsters/ghouls/ghosts/reapers/skeletons/vampires/zombies/witches etc. * Bloody mess! Gory props/ fake blood is always a great thing to jazz props up a bit *Home made/ 2nd hand items. Love them. * Candles *LED...
  10. 2012 OUTDOOR Decorations Thread

    General Halloween
    I'm starting my outside decoration set up today... and we are having the kids party next weekend!! It's been raining in NY for days, so I'm getting a bit of a late start.Going to start now... hopeing to get it all finished over this weekend... lets hope the weather holds! I'll post photos asap!
  11. The official pictures thread for Secret Reaper 2012

    General Halloween
    My daughter was SO happy with her gifts from BETHENE. (my son just woke up and opened his present, he loves the light up skull and the Pumpkin carving stencil kit, and I accidently broke my camera by dropping it on the floor after I took the pictures of my daughter... but thank you for his as...
  12. The official pictures thread for Secret Reaper 2012

    General Halloween
    Bethene knows how to make a victim happy! I was sitting in my dining room having my morning coffee and a bagel, my daughter was in the living room watching Dora the Explorer (the Halloween DVD - of course!) and she says "MOMMY! THERE'S A MAN ON THE PORCH WITH A BOX" 2 things come to mind in a...
  13. The official pictures thread for Secret Reaper 2012

    General Halloween
    You are very very welcome, JustWhisper! I'm happy that you and the cats enjoyed what me and my kids put together for you. I love that you described how you felt while opening it too!! We were just as excited putting it together :)
  14. So when is it okay to put your Halloween Decor?

    General Halloween
    Even though I'm usually very impatient to get it all up, I start decorating around October 1st. Maybe a few days before setting some interior stuff up, or decorating my bar room where we have our annual Halloween Party, but since the outdoors stuff usually take while to get set up, October 1st...
  15. Smoking Cauldron

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Love this! Going to use one of my big cauldrons in my collection of Halloween stuff and make this for the new 7foot standing witch I just bought at Oriental Trading (for $40). Great looking and easy! - how much better can you get then that?!!