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  1. Did anyone watch the Salems Lot remake?

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    i did..wasn't too bad..
  2. 2 question about electric chair

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    what would be the best kind of chair to use...and does anyone know how to build one..please let me know. you can e-mail me.i had ask one time and i never got back to that person..so if you or anyone knows please give advice..any would be great.....thanks in advance..
  3. Dating Personals

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    looking for mate ..I have long black..oozing worm hair..flaming red eyes.spikes for teeth..looking for someone just as exciting.any takers?? call me .800-dead-end..lol.
  4. Today is my B'Day...I'm not above begging

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    Happy Birthday....sorry im late hope you enjoyed the heck out of it.......
  5. This wicked weather really sucks!

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    lots of wind today..supposed to get bad storms tonights.had hail last week..
  6. sad news

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    Choppy,did brian make it home and how is he?
  7. van helsing

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    the sci-fi channel had a hour long special on van helsing the other day..it looks awsome. im going to try and get to the movies this weekend.
  8. sad news

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    Choppy thanks for telling us..hope he gets to feeling better soon..
  9. wig heads

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    Why don'tyou try a local wig shop..I got a dozen for $36.00
  10. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Someone gave me a truck load of new furance pipe..6-8-10 inches any ideals on what or how I could use them for halloween...
  11. did you get your order from Boneyardbargains.com

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    ewwwwww..you got to be kidding..real bones.where do they get them from..
  12. Need thoughts and prayers from my macabre friends

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    Hey guys, my prayers are with you two.
  13. Halloween Garage Sale Bargains

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    I too have found a lot of stuff at yard sales..blacklights pumpkins etc..I also love going to the fleamarkets..you find alot of halloween stuff there too..
  14. Poll; What state are you from?

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    I live in Southern Ohio ..next to the river and about 45 minutes away from Columbus
  15. Halloween Cyberzine Anyone?

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    count me in to ...